January 26, 2018

Cruise Ships of the Mediterranean Sea

There are few vacations that offer all of the cultural wealth and historical beauty of Mediterranean cruises. Only on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea can a traveler sample so many things, including rich Italian cuisine, ancient Turkish ruins and sunbathing on a sparkling Greek beach, all in the space of a week.

Cruise ships of the Mediterranean are also available year-round, although the more popular departures are generally offered between the months of April and October. Many vacations range anywhere from 7 to 14 nights, but some trips can be longer. Ports of call will vary depending upon your specific itinerary, but your cruise can include stops in many picturesque ports in countries such as Croatia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France or Italy. Some of the cruise lines also offer specialized cruise tours, which are combinations of a Mediterranean cruise and a land based tour of Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, London or Paris.

Everything you have heard about dining on a cruise ship is also true. You will discover a varied selection of entrees (appetizers, soups, salads, sides and desserts as well) every single time you sit down to eat. And there is virtually no limit on how much or what you order.

But just because your ship offers everyone plenty of delicious food does not have to mean that you will come home looking and feeling out of shape. You can select a low-calorie menu selection that is just as tasty as those on the regular menu. Burning a lot of calories has never been so much fun! And best of all, the one thing you will never see on a cruise menu is the price!

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