January 26, 2018

Cruise Vacation – Why is a Cruise a Better Vacation?

People often ask me, why is a cruise a better vacation than an all-inclusive holiday, for example. While I admit, the allure of an all-inclusive, is that it really is, almost all-inclusive. You pay for your ticket one time, and you do not have to worry about your airplane fare, your food and drinks, entertainment, even alcoholic beverages as they are all included.

When I go for a cruise, I go for something more; I go for the quality. I enjoy the quality of the Broadway style shows, the musical bands, the shore excursions among other things. The singers and dancers in the Broadway style shows undergo an arduous audition process and are carefully chosen from among thousands of other performers. They are not simply the staff who are forced to entertain you all night after serving you all day.

I go for the opportunity to literally visit a different country every day. You could stop in Mexico one day, Belize the next, the Cayman Islands after that and then the Bahamas. At each of these stops, you have the opportunity to spend hours walking around, seeing the sites, go on an organized tour, or sit on the beach. One day you could be shopping in St. Louis Thomas and the next climbing the mountain of Tortola.

And finally, the food is extraordinary. Instead of having the opportunity to book one night in the dining room, you are assigned a dining room table for every night of your cruise. In the dining room, instead of having to stand in line to wait for your food, it is brought to your table served elegantly by an attentive waiter.

For all these luxuries and benefits, I will be willing to pay a little more for my alcoholic beverages.

Source by Robert Deveau

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