January 26, 2018

Discount Cruise – How To Get The Best Cruise Deals Plus Extra Benefits

There is a silent debate raging about the benefits of booking a discount cruise through a real live travel agent or going online and booking through some of the major internet booking sites.

The argument is a relevant one in that travel agents are still the preferred option however, not always convenient.

Booking Through Travel Agents

Getting the best price is what a discount cruise package is all about. When you have a travel professional on your team doing the leg work for you then in most cases, you eliminate a lot of risk on your part.

Risk such as:

– booking a cruise on one site and then discovering it's a lot cheaper on another site

– the risk of buying a discount cruise package based solely on an advertised priced without realizing there are certain terms and conditions to be met such as traveling at a particular time of the year

– the risk that if something goes wrong with the booking or the trip, then who do you contact to help you get out of it

Are Travel Agents More Expensive?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that travel agents are more expensive to book a discount cruise through than on the internet. This is a fair speculation but really unfounded.

This may have come about as a result of the airlines situation where travel professionals will add on an airline reservation fee because they have no longer receive responsibilities. This is not the case with cruise holidays. It's in the travel agents best interests to get you on a cruise at the best discount because it also helps their bottom line.

So thinking you're getting a better deal by going online and booking a discount cruise may be a little misleading. A travel agent will usually find you the best deal, plan your itinerary and be there for you when you have questions and problems.

This personal care is something which can be seriously lacking on the internet and extremely important especially for people traveling out of their own country. A discount cruise book through a real live travel professional has a ton of extra benefits.

But does this mean you should ignore the internet as a booking medium. No, only be aware that in many cases, a travel pro can usually get you the same deal but with some extra "bells and whistles." In other words, do not ignore your local travel shop as a discount cruise booking alternative.

Source by Dean Caporella

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