January 26, 2018

Last Minute Cruise Deals From Galveston – Can You Leave at a Moment's Notice?

The city of Galveston may be dwarfed by Houston but she has a mighty heart. The Galvastonians rebuilt her after the deadliest hurricane in US history in 1900 swept across the island. Now Galveston proudly offers a gateway to other worlds.

If you can leave at a moment's notice, get online and grab one of the last minute cruise deals from Galveston. Why? Because you will save a huge amount of dollars, that's why. Not only that, look at the places you can visit. There are so many places to choose from and this is not the full list. But it might excite you.

  • Jamaica – Bob Marley, Annie Palmer and salt fish
  • The Cayman Islands – Scuba diving paradise
  • Cozumel – Fury Snorkel Beach Party
  • Costa Maya – Banco Chinchorro and Mayan ruins
  • Key West – Lime and lemon juices, hot sauce and tropical
  • The Western Caribbean – cerulean waters and white sand beaches
  • Italy – fashion, great food, The Colessium and Venice
  • Spain – Gaudi, paella, flamenco and bullfighting

Just the thought of any one of these exotic destinations is enough to get you clicking that mouse!

So what do you say? Here's the deal. Cruise ships need to run at full capacity otherwise they loose money, right? They look shabby if the ship is under filled so they fill them up. Of course they wait to the last minute but if you can leave at a moment's notice you are in clover.

So there you have it. Grab a last minute cruise deal, get out of Houston or Dallas or Hicksville and head on down to Galveston.

Source by Jamie Seymour

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