January 26, 2018

So Much to See on a Alaska Cruise

Glaciers, marine wildlife and beautiful natural wonders are some of the things waiting to be spotted on an Alaska cruise.

If you choose Princess Cruises for your journey to this spectacular part of North America, then you will have the opportunity to see all of the above and a whole lot more. Typical ports of call on such cruises include Glacier Bay, which you will be able to tell what it boasts by its very name.

But glacier viewing is not the only thing that this national park land has to offer the discerning traveler, as it is full of wildlife that you would have hard pushed to see anywhere else on the planet. If you have chosen one of the cruise deals that takes you to this glorious area of ​​the state, you may well spot humpback whales a little way out to sea or killer whales feeding in the waters close to land. Sea lions and porpoises are also common forms of wildlife that you may spy minding their own business around Glacier Bay.

Princess Cruises can also take you to Ketchikan – the home of Misty Fjords National Monument. Glacier movement in this part of Alaska has replied in the formation of some outstanding sights of natural beauty. Spectacular fjords have emerged in Ketchikan and anyone visiting the place is sure to find that their camera starts working overtime to capture the jagged cliff edges, sky-blue lakes and selection of imposing waterfalls, as well as other awe-inspiring views.

Additionally, it is very likely that a cruise of Alaska will involve a stop-off at the state capital Juneau. Glacier viewing can be done here too – but be sure to soak up the view of Mount Juneau, which casts its imposing shadow on the city and borough below.

Depending on which cruise deal you have chosen, you may have the opportunity to explore the Mount Roberts Tramway, which is considered to be one of the state's top tourist attractions. Heading here will give you the chance to take in some of the very best views Alaska can offer.

Not your typical cruise

Cruises often conjure up the image of people lying in the sun, enjoying the ship's plethora of activities. With an Alaska cruise, you are sure to have the opportunity to relax but experience something completely different from the norm at the same time. Known as the Last Frontier, this North American state is a must-see part of the world, so book a cruise there today.

Source by Dipika Patel

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