January 27, 2018

Cruise Deals For the Romantic Couple

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) offer the most romantic stay at the sea. Imagine you and your loved one under a blanket of stars in the sky while dancing or simply think of you and your sweetheart enjoying a delicious dinner by gorgeous scented candles while the sea hums by. What thought could be more romantic? NCL offers one of the most affordable and romantic deals to the married couple. Both of your can enjoy intimate restaurants, snuggled secluded lounges and extravagant Ocean-View Staterooms. You are promised privacy and intimacy. We realize how precious this time is for you. The discreet staff of NCL will always be at your service whether it’s morning, noon or night. A ring of the bell or a simple call will bring them at your door and service. NCL just wants you to relax and enjoy your time with your special one.

Bon Voyage and Special Occasions gifts are offered to all married couples who are booked under the romantic cruises category. Champagne and flowers are offered to every couple. If you want to capture those moments of absolute marital bliss and contentment then ask us for our professional photography offers. We’ll take natural photographs of you and your loved one. Wine and cheese are offered after dinner. Kick your shoes off, wrap your arm around your loved one and enjoy the canopy of stars above your head. This is your time and Norwegian Cruise Lines wants to make sure you remember every second of it. Passion and memories are given more beauty by NCL with its excellent offers. The best combination means Norwegian Cruise Lines packages and your loved one. Could it get any better than this?

Wedding packages are also offered to all couples. We want you to celebrate your most important day on board with NCL. Every ship heads off to a discreet and cozy mini-paradise on Earth. You can celebrate your special event in the vibrant city of New York, the glowing Caribbean or Bermuda. NCL will make sure it keeps track of the Big Day to other special ceremonies. Everything related to your wedding will be handled for you. Champagne, accommodation, flowers, cake, food, decoration of the altar, appointment with the priest or whoever you please are arranged by NCL for the sake of your convenience. Norwegian Cruise Lines believes that your wedding should be a heavenly experience, not a terrible hassle. That is why Norwegian Cruise Lines offers the best romantic packages. The choice of the destination is yours. The rest of the job belongs to NCL

You could go to New York City with Norwegian Cruise Lines and add a spark to your wedding day to make it magical and fairy-tale like. Or if you love the breezy beauty and tropical magic of the Caribbean then NCL will make sure you head off to the place and say, “I do” over there. Norwegian Cruise Lines’s Wedding Planner offers completely unforgettable experiences for those who intend on tying the knot. NCL will make sure you do it in style. It doesn’t matter if you intend on making the vows alone with your special lover or if the entire family’s tagged along, with NCL the choice if yours and yours only. Norwegian Cruise Lines only wants to add a spark of beauty and a touch of magic to your wedding day. The romantic reception packages are absolutely irresistible. We’re sure that your friends will remember your wedding day as ‘magnificent’ and ‘enchanting’. Our packages include wedding coordinator, personalized wedding ceremony, wedding officiate, keepsake marriage certificate and other deals. A bottle of sparkling wine of champagne will add more magic to the whole event.

In addition to the wedding packages, NCL offers lovely honeymoon, anniversary packages as well. A deluxe honeymoon and anniversary package are also offered to the lovely couple. Spa treatment, massages, music, intimate resorts, romantic get-away spots are available for you and your precious one. We want you to enjoy every minute of your marriage.

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