January 27, 2018

Cruise Party!

Most people love partying and cruising equally. So does not it make sense to combine them and have an amazing time? Beside, it is also a good change from the ordinary way of partying.

Types of Party Cruise

There are many types of party cruises. They can be of a wide variety. Maybe you would like to party with friends and have a ball of a time, or you might be celebrating a birthday milestone or it might be an anniversary or you might want an outing with your family or maybe an engagement. In any of these cases, a party cruise becomes a memorable and unforgivable event. These parties tend to last from a few hours to a whole day. Once you hire the boat, you can get it to suit your needs or you can also take a party cruise that is readily available.

The theme party cruises include casino parties, costume party cruises and pirate party, excluding the nightclub cruises. Another kind of theme party is the "Music parties": You can choose from Country Western music to a Hip hop music cruise or maybe any other different music party. You must choose the food accordingly eg For Country music cruise you can choose a salsa dance and the food can be barbeque with salsa sauce.

"Ghost cruise parties": In these parties, the ship is made to seem haunted and the guests try to solve the mystery of the haunted ship and the ghost that haunts it.

"Murder mystery parties": In these parties a guest or a member of the crew is killed on the ship and the rest of the guests try to resolve the murder and find the killer.

"New Year's Eve parties": These are parties which last for approximately 3 hours and are held on the eve of New Year at locations where the ship provides awesome views of fireworks and other celebration.

"Chartered cruise parties": Some boat companies with pleasure boats offer their boats to corporate homes to celebrate important events on board a boat or ship.

"Contest cruises parties": The host may organize contests like dancing and karaoke. The winners are given prizes.

Places to find party cruise: Browse the sites of cruise companies and manage your cruise time with them. Approaching hotels and bars that have access to rivers is also a good option.

Rates: This depends on the theme of the cruise, the kind of ship you would like to book and the number of people on board. Fares may vary $ 20- $ 100pp. Beside, you need to book well in advance.

Dress code: This also depends on the crew you choose. If the party is in the afternoon you might wear casual clothes and if it's in the evening you will be expected to dress as though you are going to a nightclub. Some cruises may also prefer formal wear.

Source by Brian Witherford

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