January 27, 2018

Discount Cruises

I do not know about you, but when I think of the phrase "discount cruises", the first images that come to my head are not exactly pleasant. I imagine discount cruise lines as being mouldering, rat infested, unseaworthy vessels just waiting for a catastrophe. Discount cruises are probably the ones that you read about in the papers – the ones where everyone catches a strange disease while at sea, and the whole ship has to be quarantined while people wretch in their cabins. Either that, or they're the other ones – the ones you do not read about, the ones that mysteriously disappear.

So when my cousin asked me to take a discount Caribbean cruise with him, I was unthrilled to say the least. We had been talking about going into the Caribbean for years, ever since we became interested in pirates as teenagers. Nonetheless, discount Caribbean cruises seemed like a great way to get a look at pirates that was a little bit too intimate, if you know what I mean. I did not want to brave the dangers of the Caribbean in some cut rate, rusted out old hulk. I practically said no without even listening to his offer. I am glad that I did not!

I did not realize what you could get with last minute cruises. Similarly, the cruise line industry is a bit fickle. You see, your typical cruise ship will leave port about once a month. For each trip, they need to fill at lease three quarters of the boat to make it profitable. The large cruise lines can almost always do this, but discount cruises actually have to offer last-minute discount cruises. Sometimes, a party that was expecting to board cancels, and they have to find some other people to replace them quickly. If you are willing to look out for a discounted cruise at the last minute, you can get a trip for a remarkably low price. I know I was blown away!

I can not say that everything about our cruise discounts trip was thrilling. The meals were only so-so, the entertainment was mediocre, and the accommodations were modest. Nonetheless, I still am a big fan of discount cruises. After all, we still got to see the sea, as well as some of the most beautiful islands in the world. Without discount cruises, we never would have been able to afford the trip. We actually paid less than half the price of a normal cruise line trip!

Source by Dominic Ferrara

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