January 27, 2018

Repositioning Cruises – A Little Known Cruise Bargain

If you are searching for a cruising bargain that offers long, relaxing days at sea, then be on the lookout for "depositioning cruises". When the weather changes in the spring and fall, the cruise lines need to reposition their ships south for the winter and north for the summer. Many of the cruise ships that spend their summers in Europe, will travel across the Atlantic in the fall for the warmer warmer waters of the Caribbean. In the spring they reverse the process.

Rather than sail the ship without passengers, cruise lines will offer DEEP discounts during these repatriation cruises to further entice passengers that normally be taken to more ports and destinations. They are willing to discount the fare so that they can fill up those cabins. The cruise lines also understand that passengers will be spending more time on the ship and therefore more money per day in the onboard casinos, bars, shops and spas.

So is apositioning cruise for you? Well, the price will certainly have you giving it at least a second look. That is certainly one of the upsides and why they are so popular. These cruises are usually longer than a week and provide the passengers with a more leisurely itinerary – more days at sea and fewer ports of call. On the other hand, some of the downsides to this type of cruise is that you embark and disembark from different ports. You must factor in the airfare into the total trip budget. Because these cruises are more than 7 days, many vacationers can not afford to take that many days off from work all at once.

Your first tip on finding repositioning cruises is to look in the fall for ships that spend their summer in Alaska or in Europe and are relocating to warmer waters. In the in the spring the reverse is true.

Source by D. Woodward

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