January 27, 2018

Three Sure Ways To Find The Best Cruise Deals!

Finding the best cruise deals involves patience and a little homework on your part. The truth is, cheap cruise deals are being offered all the time and it's just a matter of knowing where to look.

Let's examine the best ways of locating the best cruise deals. If you have never cruised before, then you'll get a heads up on your "virgin" trip with the following tips.

Ask Your Travel Agent

It's obvious is not it. Travel agents are everywhere yet it amazes me why many people will not check with them first. These trained professionals know exactly where to look, they have access to information and cheap cruise deals not privvy to the general public and they are an invaluable source of information and advice.

Even before deals are promoted to the general public, travel agents generally have a "heads up" on almost anyone else. It's important to remember many agents are season cruise travelers with vast experience of holidaying on the high seas and can give you a host of suggestions on which cruise best suits your needs, when to sail and what time of the year is the best time to sail . They can even put you onto last minute deals depending on your flexibility.

Check With Cruise Lines

While cruise lines do not like to lower their prices, getting on their email and notification lists could prove more than rewarding. You see, they are not happy about having to leave port with empty state rooms and in order to fill them, can be more than generous with late special offers. These will usually occur during the "slow seasons" so keep an eye out for these alerts.

Going Online

There are some wonderful opportunities online. Competition is fierce among agents but who do you choose? One of the best ways to get value from online agents is to check and see if they offer a newsletter service and then subscribe. There are some excellent cheap cruise deals to be had from the information contained in these newsletters.

In many cases, you simply put in a description of what type of cruise you're after, where you want to go and when and then tick off how often you want to receive newsletter alerts. If you are scared of being bombarded with emails then just by clicking how often you want to be informed should do the trick however, you should also be given an option of whether you would like to receive extra promotional information. If not, then just simply click "no."

Some Caution Required

While going online looks so easy for most people here are some precautions you should take:

– If you're not sure about a site's credentials stick with the better known travel names.

– Check to see whether the site has endorsement banners from reputable governing bodies.

– Give a site preference if it has phone contact. Make sure you can speak with a live representative.

– Always check and ask if they are extra fees over and above the special deal being advertised

For many, cruising will be the holiday of a lifetime. Nowadays, it's not just the domain of the those well off; more ships and more competition means more state rooms to fill. These tips should help you find the best cruise deals on offer.

Source by Dean Caporella

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