January 28, 2018

Cruise Holidays – Mediterranean Cruise Holidays

The most varied kind of cruise you can take is certainly a Mediterranean cruise holiday. There are 17 countries, and over 120 seaports, around the coastline of the Mediterranean, so there are many cruise vacation combinations available on trips that last a week, two weeks, or longer.

Over 50 companies have cruises available along various Mediterranean routes. Some specialize in Western Mediterranean cruises, focusing on ports around Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco and France. Others have Eastern Mediterranean cruises, concentrating on Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Middle Eastern countries.

Popular specialty Mediterranean cruise holidays include those tour the North African countries, or the islands of Malta and Cyprus, or the area of ​​the Greek Islands. If you want a long vacation, you can get a cruise itinerary that goes through most or all of the Mediterranean countries.

Culture, history, ancient monuments, fabulous cities, breathtaking views and romantic islands are all close by on a Mediterranean cruise. Exploring the Western Mediterranean allows you to see the traditional Andalucian white villages in the south of Spain, try world-restructured Manzanilla sherry while in Cadiz, and take part in the cultural center of Europe, in the form of Barcelona, ​​before heading on towards the French Riviera.

A cruise taking in the fantastic coast of Italy brings you treasures like the dormant Mt. Vesuvius volcano, breathing Rome, and ancient Pompeii. The islands of Sardinia and Sicily also bring lots of delights as part of a Western Mediterranean cruise. In Eastern Mediterranean, passengers on a cruise can explore the beautiful coastline of Croatia and the city of Dubrovnik, before heading south east to discover classic Greece and surrounding islands. It's always worthwhile to visit the island of Crete, if only to view the historic significant Palace of Knossos.

Visiting the holy Jerusalem city is a great trek to take from either Israeli port, Ashdod or Haifa, while on a Mediterranean cruise through the Middle East. Port Said in Egypt is a great place to visit also. Port Said has access to the world-renovated Suez Canal, where vessels travel into the Red Sea and on towards the Arabian Sea.

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