January 28, 2018

How to Find Cheap Alaska Cruises and Alaskan Cruise Packages

Have you heard about the latest and greatest thing in cruises? Everybody is talking about Alaska.

The Alaskan landscape is phenomenal. The wildlife is abundant. Glaciers abound. And it’s all in a rustic setting. In some parts of Alaska you might even feel like you stepped back in time, into the 1800s.

It’s no wonder an Alaska cruise vacation is becoming so popular.

Maybe you’d like to jump into one of the Alaskan cruise packages but you’re worried that you can’t afford it.

Don’t worry. Cheap Alaska cruises are available if you know where to look and how to get a good travel deal.

Cheap doesn’t mean cutting back on luxury.

With all it’s beauty, when you compare the cost of an Alaskan cruise to a more tropical location you’ll find that an Alaskan cruise is much more affordable. And that’s even if you don’t find a discount Alaska cruise.

  • Keep in mind that even you book a regularly priced Alaska cruise vacation it will cost you about half of what you’d spend on a resort-based vacation somewhere else.
  • That’s because Alaskan cruise packages are all inclusive. For one price you get lodging, dining and entertainment. Compare that to the cost of food, hotel service, entertainment and amenities when you plan a trip on your own and you’ll see how much money you can save.

  • If you take advantage of some easy tips you will save even more and you can enjoy the discount Alaska cruise of your dreams
  • When to go.

    The Alaskan cruise season runs from May to September with July and August traditionally being the busiest months.

  • If you want to book a discount Alaska cruise you’ll want to avoid the summer. It is cooler in the spring and the fall, but many of the sights you’ll see are even more beautiful those times of the year.
  • In May, the wildflowers are blooming to add to the beauty of the scenery, and wildlife is abundant for viewing. Since autumn comes early in Alaska, you will see a gorgeous array of color in September as the deciduous trees begin to change shades.

    When to book.

  • If you’re comfortable with taking chances and can live with potential disappointment, another thing you can do is try to book your Alaskan cruise packages at the last minute.
  • If you can do that you will pay a lot less than your fellow passengers because cruise lines would prefer to sail with a full ship. Their costs are pretty much fixed whether the ship is full or has space available. So they heavily discount their rates shortly before their ships leave the port.

    How to book.

  • First find out what the base price would be, about six to nine months prior to sailing.
  • Then start actively looking anywhere from several weeks to several days before the ship sails. Check with travel agents and check on the Internet. Check websites that specialize in travel and check at the websites of the cruise lines themselves.
  • You can’t cut it too close to the sailing date because cruise lines have to submit their manifest within two days of sailing. And you have to find some way to get to the dock. But if you do find a cabin available you will be amazed at some of the prices being offered.

  • You do need flexibility and you will have to live with potential disappointment if there’s nothing available. And, of course you will not have the cabin choices available if you had booked earlier.
  • But, if you do find one of these Alaska cruise specials you can save a huge amount of money and have the experience of a lifetime.

    Source by Steve Schulman

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