January 28, 2018

Last Minute Cruise Bargains – 5 Bulletproof Tips For an Awesome Last Minute Cruise

Maybe you're deciding between whether to go look for last minute cruise bargains or take the early bird specials. Do you have to immediately purchase an early bird special or should you relax and wait for a good last minute cruise deal?

Booking in last minute cruise bargains is getting a trip that leaves in a few days to more than 70 days in the future. Last minute cruises offer ways and means to those of us who procrastinate or who are fond of spontaneous decisions. And because of the Internet, you can now subscribe to websites that mail out the best last minute cruise deals.

But like any deal, you'll have to weigh their advantages and disadvantages. Read this 5 tips on last minute cruise bargains to avoid the hassle.

Take Advantage of Opportunities

The most preferred time to find last minute prices on a specific cruise is 1 to 3 months before the departure. Why? This is because this is the final call for travelers to cancel existing reservations without getting a penalty. At this stage, the cruise line knows exactly how many cabins are left and will decrease the fare so they can sell out the ship.

Peak Travel

Remember this when shopping for last minute cruise bargains – there's a motive why a ship is being emptied with little time to spare – and it's not because it's a winner. Basing from a calendar, you might not find a last minute deal over the holidays. On the bright side, you're more likely to find many good deals in the Caribbean during hurricane season (September – early November), or during the pre-holiday break (first weeks of December) and the post-holiday break (first weeks of January).

Repositioning Cruises

Sometimes certain schedules just do not sell well, especially when ships reposition. When liners change "areas" for the season, they are known as repositioning cruises. These trips are usually longer – sometimes two weeks instead of seven days – and come by lots of ports, all at a reasonable price. One important thing to be aware of is that you are responsible for buying expensive one-way airframes because trips like these can start in one port and end up in another.

Define Value

Think about how much of a saving is a cheap cruise the needs you to spend two times as much on airfare. Do not settle for cheap last minute cruise bargains if it will decrease the quality of your overall cruise experience.

Read the Fine Print

This is very important and obviously applies to every transaction that you make. Please read the offer very carefully because it will tell you exactly what your package entitles you to.

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