January 29, 2018

Bahamas Cruises

Bahamas cruises are no longer only for the wealthy. Today, many families can afford to take some kind of cruise, whether simply for a few days or a full week of fun. So, with the burgeoning cruise business, it was inevitable that more companies would offer Bahamas cruises. You can ship out on Disney, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian, to name only a few of the cruise lines available.

Everything's Easy in the Bahamas

There are so many great things about cruises that head to the Bahamas. Getting from the ship to shore is either an easy walk or short boat ride. There is also ease of communication; just about everyone there speaks English. Finally, while the Bahamas has its own currency, they are more than happy to accept American dollars.

Pick Your Own Type of Fun

Of course, cruises to the Bahamas are not only about the cruising. There are also activities and excursions available once you get to the islands. It does not matter what you enjoy, you can find it there. If you have always wanted to take your family jet skiing or out sailing, you can do it on these beautiful tropical islands.

Maybe you have always wanted to try a bit of gambling, but did not want to risk a lot of money. Not a problem. If you go to one of the casinos in Freeport, they still have the old nickel slot machines. For a couple rolls of coins, you can have hours of fun. Sure, at the end of your evening, you will probably be coin-broke. However when was the last time you had hours of fun and it only cost you around five dollars?

Safe Bet

You can also return from one of your cruises in the Bahamas with a bit of a flavor of the islands. For a few dollars, one of the workers there will do corn rows in your hair. Now, here is a little tip about that: if you (or a family family) wants to get just a couple rows: three, four, a half dozen – just pay a couple bucks per row.

On the other hand, if you elect to have your own head of hair done, then negotiate a full price beforehand. Do not let them charge you on the "per row" price! Believe me, they will tug and pull and squeeze, and somehow manage to get twenty to thirty rows on your head. Do the math – at two to three dollars a row, you could wind up with a sizeable bill.

With a little caution and some careful planning, you can be assured of a memorable Bahamas cruise.

Source by Alex Stewart

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