January 29, 2018

Cruise Discounts – 9 Secret Ways to a Bargain

Cruise prices can go up or down and you the traveler can reap the rewards. There are special ways to get a discount and enjoy a luxury vacation. But before we get started you must know some key information. Identifying what you are looking for in a cruise vacation is needed to search specifically for a good bargain. Information such as:

o The cruise line you wish to travel with (if you have a preference)
o The people who will be traveling with you.
o The interest or activities you and your travelers wish to partake in.
o The time of year you wish to travel.
o The location you wish to travel to.

Once you have gathered what you need from the information above. You can begin putting that information into sections from least to most important. The least important for your cruise will be what you use as your flexible points. The most important information are things you are not flexible with and will not what to do with out. Now we can search for our cruise discount using the information below.

1. Cruise fares are seasonal and the lowest fares are offered during the second week in September until the week before thanksgiving. The highest fares are during the summer and holidays.

2. When booking a cruise early you will almost always receive a discount, last minute cruise deals are not always available.

3. Remember supply and demand. If the cruise you want is very popular and has an exotic or unique itinerary, then there may not be discounts. Try booking a cruise that is not so popular and you should see a favorable difference in the ticket price.

4. Consider getting a discount based on age, cruise lines offering discounts for senior citizens and sometimes children can sail for free with parents.

5. Where you live can be factor for a lower fare, if a cruise line is being introduced to that particular port.

6. Get to know a local or online travel agency, booking through a travel agent can be very beneficial. Travel agents can offer great fares for groups or even have access to group pricing. If you are not part of a group the travel agent may be capable of giving you a group fare. Good producing travel agencies can offer discounts and promotions.

7. If you are a repeat customer, when booking your trip make sure to state this so that discounts will apply for your next trip.

8. Remember when looking for discounts the accommodations you choose are important. Cabins without a view and lower on the ship will have a cheaper price.

9. Sign up for cruise newsletters. Especially, one that dedicates information based on your interest. These newsletters will give you up-to-date information and prices on cruises.

Source by Nisheca Beauge

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