January 29, 2018

Cruise Ship Vacancies – Can Anyone Get a Job on a Cruise Line?

It can be difficult to break into the cruise industry – trying to find genuine cruise ship vacancies on the internet can be frustrating especially if you've ever paid one of the many bogus firms charging a $ 40 administrative fee! Of course after you've secured your first post it gets an awesome lots easier and as long as you make a good impression there should be a constant flow of work with the industry enjoying good times.

If you've just thought of a cruise ship job as a nice easy way to travel across the world and get paid for it – you'd better think again. Working on a cruise is very hard work – long hours are usually worked by everyone and you have to perform. The hospitality industry is hard work especially as you have to do it all with a big smile on your face. Seriously though you must be a person person to work on a cruise ship – many customers can be quite demanding and you also have to work and live in close proximity to your collections. The people who fill cruise ship vacancies are especially skilled at spotting people who do not appear hard working or committed to performing their job. It will not be a surprise to know that they interview lots of people who have the intention of jumping ship at some exotic location – they are also experts at spotting these sections of people. It's not surprising – life on board a cruise ship is much more regimented and disciplined than normal work but it has to – everyone has to pull together when you are at sea.

Although the work is tough – it can lead to fantastic adventures – you wake up each morning and you can discover a brand new sunset in Jamaica or the Canary Islands. You can work alongside people from all over the world and make friends with all sorts of people. It can open peoples eyes to the beauty and huge diversity of out planet and you get paid for it. When all the hard work is over and your first contract is finished – you'll have great memories and your salary will be sitting very heavily untouched in your bank account. The sad thing is you'll then have to get used to buying your own food and drink again.

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