January 29, 2018

European River Cruise Deals 2010

European river cruising is a fantastic way to visit countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, The Netherlands, Russia, Egypt, France & Italy. There is no shortage of excursions either with all those historical, culture rich cities, medieval villas, castles and Gothic architecture along the way.

There is currently ferocious competition in the cruise line market. Competitors are offer competitive European River cruising deals 2010. Some of these discounted packages may not offer the value expect. Hidden charges can easily escalate the true final cost of a cruise trip.

How do you find the best European river cruise deals 2010? My top tips are as follows:

o Research in advance of booking,
o Set a budget
o Be flexible in your choices
o Avoid the glossy brochures and pictures,
o Ask the right questions.

I suggest you employ both online internet and off line resources.

Research: In your research for European River cruise deals 2010 I suggest you use both online and off line resources. Find the main operators offering European River Cruises 2010.

For a start, check out the following:

  • AMA Waterways
  • Avalon Waterways,
  • Uniworld River Cruises,
  • Viking River Cruises
  • Tauck River Cruises

If you visit each of the above cruise company web sites you will get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir various cruise packages. ie which rivers they cruise, the countries you will visit, the various excursions and their duration. Cruises can extend from a short 3 days up to a grand 32 days. There is something to match most peoples vacation time.

Having visited the various web sites I would create a short list of river cruises that attract you and note their prices. When on the above web sites, I would have a look for the "European river cruising deals 2010 link" or similar "specials or discounts" buttons.

In particular, see if any of your preferred cruises are listed in the special offer or discounted categories. If they are this is where you will probably need to be flexible. There will usually be particular dates for the "special price".

Now that you have some ideas as to where you would like to cruise, possible fares, special deals from the cruise companies, I would start checking out the travel agents web sites. Normally you would expect booking directly with the cruise line companies (no middle men) would get you the best deal but this is not always the case. Check to be sure. At this point you should have a short list of cruise deals 2010.

Now it is important to be smart and ask the right questions of the cruise companies or the travel agents. Specifically, what is included in the package and what is not? I hope my suggestions help you find a European river cruise deal in 2010 and that you will be enjoying the cruise of your choice next year.

Source by Jeff Horgan

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