January 29, 2018

Getting the Best Cruise Deal – It's Easy With Royal Caribbean

Sometimes it looks like there are two kinds of cruise fans out there. The first group is made up of people that will sail on any cruise line as long as the price is attractive. And then there's the second group. These individuals are such huge fans of one particular cruise company that they have no desire to ever cruise on another line.

That's what you'll find a lot with the Royal Caribbean cruise line. And it makes sense for good reason. While it's certainly true that most cruise companies attempt to remain on the cutting edge of innovation in their industry, some lines (like Royal Caribbean) just do it better. Especially when it comes to making discounted fares readily available.

So why is it that Royal Caribbean cruise bargains seem to be there for the taking? Well, think about it for a minute. Royal Caribbean just unveiled the largest cruise ship in the world, Oasis of the Sea. This is by far the most ship a cruise line has ever constructed. With a combination of passengers and crew, this titan of the seas carries over 8,000.

And it's not their only one! The sister ship to the Oasis is called the Allure of the Seas and it's just as awful. So what that suggests is that with just these two ships alone (and RCl has more), they have to fill up close to 16 thousand suites and cabins for each cruise. That's a lot of tickets to sell. Do you think there might be some discounts available?

Chances are this is not the end of Royal Caribbean's big shipbuilding initiative. As we get closer to the maiden voyage of the Oasis of the Sea, more and more people, especially cruise and travel agents, will be getting the opportunity to check out this ship. Initial feedback so far has been nothing but enthusiastic.

Some travel agents have been quoted as saying that you get a humble sense of must how much larger the Oasis is than other ships. They saw it mostly in the higher ceilings and the wider hallways.

But Royal Caribbean certainly is not breaking all kinds of new ground with their recent unveiling of the Oasis and the Allure. They've been rolling out the biggest ships for many years. Back in 2006, they introduced the Freedom of the Seas which was so big at the time, it had the first surfing machine on a ship. So if the past is any indication of the future, RCl has not finished building the largest cruise ships.

And not only are available cabins and suites on their ships continuing to increase, the amount of their worldwide itineraries is also increasing. At last count, the cruise line sails into 280 ports in 81 countries on 6 continents. That tells me that the challenge is not necessarily getting a deal on one of their cruises, it's making up your mind which cruise to go on!

Hawaii, Brazil, Mexican Riviera, India, Australia … and that's just the beginning. And how about your choice of ships: Enchantment of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Legend of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas … the list goes on. You know the more you look into Royal Caribbean cruise lines, the more you start to forget that there are even any other cruise lines.

In other words, if you made the decision that you were going to have the goal of sailing on as many RCl cruise ships and traveling to as many of their destinations that you could, it would take you an entire lifetime. And unless you're independently wealthy or retire (or both), you'll probably never come close to reaching your goal. Because they're going to keep building new ships!

Source by Raymond Ferreira

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