January 30, 2018

Alaska Cruise Packages Explained

Alaska cruise packages are becoming very popular due to the variety of cruise packages such as Alaska island cruise, Alaska day cruise or even an Alaska celebrity cruise!

Humpback whales. Sailing fjords. Gazing at glaciers. These are the key attractions of booking an Alaska cruise package. The magic of Alaska is the mystery of the ice and wildlife. Where else can you go sailing and come face to face with a huge wall of ice, not many cruise packages offer such an amazing view from sea!

The two most popular Alaskan cruises are the "Inside Passage" cruise and the "Gulf of Alaska" cruise also known as the glacier cruise. With the Inside Passage cruise of Alaska, you will visit several ports of call like Juneau, Glacier Bay and Skagway. With the Gulf of Alaska cruise, you will see more glaciers, sail more fjords and have opportunities of side trips to places like Denali National Park.

The typical Alaskan cruise is 7 days, although there are options of an extended stay of eleven to fourteen days. Once you decide between the Inside Passage or Gulf of Alaska cruise, you have to consider the size of ship that you would be most comfortable with. Smaller excursion ships usually carry up to 140-160 passengers and tend to offer a little more adventure and can often sail closer to a glacier than would a larger cruise ship that sails with a few hundred to thousands of people on board (This is a key advantage for many selecting an Alaska Cruise package).

If an adrenaline rush is more your speed, look into the smaller ships. If you prefer a more luxurious way to travel with every amenity possible, stick with the larger ship.

Before you book your Alaska cruise it is important to decide exactly what type of cruise package will suit you best. Many shore excursions offer some amazing side trips like helicopter rides over amazing glaciers, if you are brave enough you may even get the chance to walk on a glazier!

Ever wonder what dog sledding is all about? You can discover it for yourself. Many Alaskan ports of call are steeped in history about the gold rush in the early 1900's. Perhaps the wildlife is what attracts you to our forty-ninth state. You can go on excursions to see the humpback whales in action. Then there are sightings of bears, moose and elusive wolverines. And do not forget about the sea lions, dolphins and various rookeries.

There really is something to suit everyone when looking for a cruise in Alaska. Just remember, if you are an adventurer at heart, you will want to book a smaller sailing vessel. This option might not suit those looking for the cheapest Alaska cruise but the exciting opportunities might be worth the extra cost! . If you are more of the typical sightseeing tourist, then a larger cruise line might be recommended.

Whatever Alaska cruise package you decide to book, it's a guarantee that you will enjoy some amazing scenery and a unique cruise in Alaska!

Source by Kevin McNally

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