January 31, 2018

Cruise The Caribbean

The Caribbean happens to be one of the most popular destinations in the world to cruise through. This collection of small islands has tempted the imagination for hundreds of years. Honestly, who would not want to visit the Caribbean at least once in their lifetime?

From the early days where pirates cruised the Caribbean looking for plunder, the islands have developed rich trade in local handicrafts and in attracting tourists. Many of the island names are well known – The Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Cayman Islands. Other islands are incredibly small and only known to the locals.

The Caribbean islands are all of the islands found in the Caribbean Sea. This block of water stretches between Florida and South America. In the northern area lay the Bahamas, then Cuba and Haiti / Dominican Republic. Jamaica is beneath Cuba. To the east you have Puerto Rico and then a long stretch of Virgin Islands. Aruba lies to the south, just over Venezuela.

Since there are so many Islands to visit the recommended way to get a taste of each is just to cruise through, stopping on each one at a time. This would eliminate the expensive plane fare. Many cruises leave from Florida, although you can fly to Puerto Rico and begin your voyage there as well.

Once you have experience the paradise of the Caribbean, there is nothing else you can compare it to. The crystal clear waters and relaxing, fresh ocean breeze can not be found anywhere else in the world. This is definitely the spot to go if you need to take a break from it all. It is also great for families to get together and spend some quality, relaxing time and take part in all the exciting activities each Island has to offer.

Source by Brittany Sawyer

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