January 31, 2018

Cruises to Bora Bora From Florida

Taking a cruise vacation is the ultimate “All Inclusive” vacation. Once on the ship, everything you need is there, and almost all of it is already paid for. Just like most all inclusive packages, alcohol is not included, so if you’re a drinker, you’ll need to bring extra cash.

Recently, I was looking to combine two vacations into one. My wife really wanted to go on a cruise, while I wanted to experience Bora Bora in the Tahitian Islands. Because my wife wasn’t very particular about where she wanted to cruise, I started looking into cruises to Bora Bora. And because we were going to be visiting my parents in Florida during the summer, I started looking into cruises to Bora Bora from Florida.

I quickly found out that these are hard to find. I finally found one cruise line that offers such a trip, and it is Holland America Cruise Line. As you might expect, this is a long trip. The cruises that are offered are a 50 night cruise, a 54 night cruise and a 55 night cruise. At first the thought of being on a cruise ship for two months straight was shocking to think about. But once I started to really think about the possibilities, the idea became more and more ideal.

First of all, think about all of the wonderful life experiences that my family will get to see. Obviously, you’ll have to pass through the Panama Canal in order to get to the Pacific from Florida. For my kids, getting the chance to see that incredible man made feature up close and personal would be a great history lesson for them. I’m in my forties and I’ve only read about it in books. Going through it in a gigantic cruise ship would be a lot of fun.

Even before you reach the Panama Canal, you’ll be stopping at some beautiful ports starting in the Bahamas and continuing on to South America.Then, once you pass through the Continent, the Ports that this cruise stops in are amazing. You’ll see all the best spots of Mexico, then Hawaii, then the Tahitian Islands and a stop in a US city. I can’t think of any better places to stop then these amazing tropical destinations.

For me, my favorite part about being on a cruise is the time spent out at sea. There’s something about being in the middle of the ocean surrounded by all the amenities that the ship offers with no where to go that really excites me. With a cruise of this duration, there’s plenty of time spent out at sea. I can only imagine that as soon as you start to get bored of being on the ship, it’s time for the next port.

The only thing that I don’t like about this vacation is that you don’t get to spend very much time in Bora Bora. This Tahitian Island is so amazingly beautiful, I want to spend at least a couple of weeks there. The best way to travel with a family is to do a Bora Bora all inclusive package. This way your food and bungalow are all paid in advance, giving you the freedom to do activities around the resort without bringing your wallet. You can have breakfast brought out to your over the water bungalow by canoe, then go for a tropical snorkel straight from your own deck.

Cruises to Bora Bora from Florida

are one of those vacations that you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. If you have the time and resources, this cruise will be one for the books!

Source by Philip Iligan

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