January 31, 2018

Disney Cruise – The Perfect Vacation For Your Friends and Family

Disney cruise vacations are great for the entire family. Unlike the traditional vacation where you have to plan weeks or months in advance to make sure you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed, a the most difficult part of a disney cruise is simply picking out which cruise ship you like the best.

The ships are absolutely fabulous, are constantly updated, and engulf you in the magic of Disney from the mickey mouse imprints to life size characters through the ship.

No matter how young or old, everyone can have a wonderful time on a Disney cruise. There are specific activities and activity plans for everyone from toddlers to seniors and they pay special attention to everyone's individual eeds.

If you have kids your in for a special treat. Kids will have a ball on the cruise as they enter their world of dreams. With their favorite Disney characters on board, and a vast galore of endless activities and games. It could be their best vacation ever. Do not worry about boredom on this cruise, the Disney kids directors will make sure your kids are occupied. While the kids are having a time of their own and are safe and secure, parents and older family members are able to relax or take on their own adventures in the ship. If your family would ratherdo everything together, activities and games for the whole family are available.

Disney cruise line has two ships, the Disney Wonder and Disney Magic. Both of them are built to the highest quality standards and feature the art- deco flair of the classic ocean liners. The unique features and out of the box experiences is what keeps these cruises extremely desirable for families. On most disney cruises your meals will be offered in a different location and restaurant onboard every night. Because the food and dining locations are unique each day, the food and entertainment are never boring.

The best part about being on a Disney cruise is that you get to live in a highly spacious and luxurious cabin that is equipped with one and a half baths. These cabins are 25% more spacious than the cabins of other cruise lines. Also 70% of the cabins even have a either veranda or a porthole. You'll be able to experience the wind and the water everywhere on the ship including your cabin.

Source by John Jacobsen

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