January 31, 2018

Hawaiian Cruise – Have You Considered a Hawaiian Island Cruise?

Consider a Hawaiian Island Cruise

Cruising itself is a unique vacation. You are on a floating resort that supplies you with everything you need from a comfortable bed at night to five course gourmet meals each night for dinner, as well as a variety of dining options and activities throughout the day. Each cruise and destination is different and a Hawaiian cruise is even more unique.

A Hawaiian Island cruise is a unique vacation experience that allows you to see all of the highlights of Hawaii without the planning of each aspect of a vacation. When you take a Hawaiian cruise, you're able to explore the Hawaiian Islands by only making one reservation, making the process of planning your dream Hawaiian vacation incredibly simple. You have a variety of port options as well as itinerary dates. You can leave from many West Coast cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Ensenada. You can pick your length of stay including 7, 10 and 11 day Hawaiian cruise packages. Whether you're an experienced cruiser or if this is your first cruise you'll love the options that you have available to you.

Hawaiian Cruise Ports of call

The ports of call in Hawaii ensure that you see the best of the islands. Of course, you'll most likely start your cruise in Honolulu. Cruise ships have been arriving to Honolulu Harbor since the early 20s and they continue to dock there today. You'll have several hours to enjoy Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor and world-class museums. Your next stop on Hawaii Island is Hilo, which is offers a variety of attractions including gardens, street markets and the Pacific Tsunami Museum. From here on your Hawaiian Island cruise you'll visit Kailua-Kona. Kailua-Kona sits on Kailua Bay where it was built on layers of lava and features boutiques, restaurants and shopping.

Next, your Hawaiian cruise will take you to Kahulu on the Island of Maui. Here you'll explore the area that has been known for its sugar and pineapples since 1880. Also on Maui, you'll explore Lahaina, which features art galleries and historic locations such as the Brick Palace. Finally, you'll explore Lihue on the Island of Kauai. Known as the Garden Island, you'll explore the sugar cane center of Hawaii including the Grove Farm Homestead, historic churches and towns as well as scenic explorations across the island. Whichever Hawaiian cruise itinerary you choose, you're going to enjoy each and every aspect of cruising and the ability to see all of scenic Hawaii in one vacation.

Cheap Hawaiian Cruise

The best ideas for finding a cheap Hawaiian cruise are to firstly plan your cruise around the low season or off peak periods. In terms of traveling The Hawaii low season is usually November to mid December and January to March, with the main peak seasons being June to mid September and mid December to January. So When planning a cheap Hawaiian cruise, remember these dates so you can find a bargain!

Traveling in the low season is a great idea if you are looking for some cheap last minute cruise deals. Traveling in peak season requires a lot of planning in advance and sometimes cruises can be booked out for months.

If you want to make your cheap Hawaiian cruise even cheaper you can look at the possibility of booking the parts separately. So book your flights, hotels and cruise separately as sometimes this can be substantially cheaper.

It is important to remember that when you are comparing those cheap Hawaiian cruise packages to make sure you read the small print as some packages may not include items like port charges, taxes, shipping and handling fees. These items can add up and turn your cheap Hawaiian cruise into an expensive one.

I recommend you search the different cruise booking agencies and operators to find the best deals. If you take into account the above tips on finding a cheap Hawaiian cruise, you can not go wrong.

Who Operates Hawaiian Island Cruises?

Major Hawaiian Cruise operators include Norwegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Princess Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines.

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