February 1, 2018

Last Minute Cruise Secrets

Did You Know?

Be warned, last-minute deals are a bit of pot luck, and you really can not count on getting the cruise that you want dropped into your lap. With that said, it is also true that some of the best cruise deals are snapped up by those who either reserve early or wait until the last minute. Let me emphasize that quite often, great discounts are available for early birds however, if you are flexible, then cheap cruise deals are an excellent value that can be had at the last minute.

Many of the best cruise deals are those that you buy at the last minute. I would recommend that you Google for "last minute cruise deals" … you are sure to find plenty of options. Also, you can find last-minute deals from the cruise lines themselves and on many online cruise sellers' websites. You may also want to search directly on different cruise line sites for last minute deals as well. Travel agents can be an excellent resource for finding last minute cruise package deals.

Use These Tips To Start:

Finding last minute cruise deals has never been easier! Here are some tips:

A phone call to your favorite cruise lines on a regular basis will enable you to keep abreast of any last minute cheap cruise deals.

Make sure you check special sections of the major carrier's sites. All major travel sites and most cruise line web sites have a section for last minute deals.

Vacation sites also have email newsletters that can be delivered to your inbox with current cheap last minute cruise deals.

watch the cruise lines for last minute pricing and update these cruise deals regularly.

Most of the cruise lines have a sign up at their site to get last minute deals. Go and sign up.

(example: Last Minute Cruises Sign up)

Book one of these last-minute cruise deals and send off in 30 days or less.

Last Minute Cruise Uncertainty?

Last minute cruising may seem a little daunting at first but use this mitigation strategy. Find the cruise lines that suit your desired travel style. Inquire as to the vessels, accommodations, and activities of the many different cruise lines. Research the performance of these lines. Check things like safety records, testimonials, etc. Compile a list of the lines that are suitable to your tastes. Then get searching but only book on lines that are on your list. This way you will have developed a certain comfort level with your cruise in advance.

Who Has Last Minute Deals?

Here are just a few providers of last minute cruise deals:

Get in touch with Transocean Tours and ask about their last minute cruise deals. – Online travel site featuring air, cars, hotels, cruises, last minute deals at great prices

Vacation Outlet has handpicked the best last-minute cruise deals – from quick getaways to weeklong adventures.

Check out the package deals on

last minute deals available on

Co-op cruise lines – for last minute cruise deals and cheap cruise holidays.

Disney last minute cruise deals include three- and four-night cruises to the Bahamas and seven-night expeditions to the Caribbean.

Last minute cruises can have all of the excitement and fun of a cruise that you booked well in advance. You have to make sure that you identify a cruise line that suits your desired travel style and a destination that suits your interests. If you take care of these details then your options for last minute cruising should be plentiful and inexpensive. At any rate happy cruising!

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