February 1, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruise Review – What To Expect From A Royal Caribbean Cruise

You can find a Royal Caribbean cruise review to help you make a decision on your vacation. There are hundreds of reviews available to look at online, as well as reviews in magazines such as Travel and Leisure. Travel guide websites offer interested personal personal reviews.

Sovereign of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean ship the Sovereign of the Seas was recently written up with fairly favorite reviews. The food on the ship was touted to be delicious and varied. Choices ranged from prime rib to escargot to pizza. If you like to eat, it seems that the Sovereign of the Seas is a wonderful place to spend a week or two. The only problem you might have is gaining a little weight.

There were some crowding issues expressed by the reviewers. The cabins, it looks, were too small. The ship's cinema was also fitted with a small screen, and the seating was limited. However, these are not major inconveniences on a cruise, because you do not ordinarily go on one to hide in your cabin or in a theater watching movies.

Activities are well-represented with art auctions, Broadway shows, casinos, and comedy clubs. There is also rock climbing, ping-pong, and basketball for those who want to move around a bit. Group activities such as bingo and organized games are also popular. You can relax in one of the two pools or in a hot tub.

A Caribbean cruise that ended up in the Bahamas had its first stop at Royal Caribbean's private island, CocoCay. You could take excursions to the island from the ship, reaching the island from the ship's anchor point by way of small boats called tenders. There were all kinds of beach activities on the island, such as parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, or just sunbathing.

On this island and the other small islands where the ship made stops, vendors were aggressive in trying to get you to buy their goods and services. One of the common services offered was for the locals to braid your hair.

A Royal Caribbean cruise review telling about a Bahamas cruise is not complete without information about the stop in Nassau. The ship had all kinds of shore excursions available for those who wanted to take tours of the city and see the sights. The cruise line discouraged people from taking local tours, but some of the local tours were worth taking. The only thing to remember is that you have to get back to the ship in time.

Read a Royal Caribbean cruise review or more if you are interested in taking this cruise. You can find reviews on the particular ship you want to sail on, and even cruises with similar itineraries. It is well worth the time spent.

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