February 1, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruises – Amenities for Disabled Passengers

Royal Caribbean Cruises prides itself on providing a top quality cruising experience for anyone who wishes to partake and with this aim in mind; Royal Caribbean ships come equipped to make cruising as comfortable and as easy as possible for disabled customers.

All amenities are in place on the ships for disabled guests, but contacting the Access Coordinators when planning your trip is advised in order that you may be able to take full advantage of the on board provisions whether your needs involve wheelchair or scooter access, hearing or visual aids, service animal or dietary requirements.

For those in need of wheelchair access, a number of ships come with accessible staterooms close to the elevators with 32 inch wide doors, flat floors, and a 5-foot turning radius in areas for sleeping and sitting as well as the bathrooms. The bathrooms come with grab bars and built-in shower stools, lowered sinks and raised toilet seat. All corridors are wide enough to make a 180 degree turn in a wheelchair, outside doors are touch-button operated, public rooms have inclines rather than steps and ramps are used where necessary.

For those with hearing impairments, there are a certain number of rooms with strobe-light door knockers and telephone ringers, amplifiers for the telephones, under mattress or under pillow vibration alarm clocks, and assistive listening aids in the theaters. For those with visual impairments, Braille menus, elevator buttons and cabin doors are in place, and large print menus are available on request.

In addition, Royal Caribbean Cruise is able to provide facilities for Oxygen treatment and Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis while recommending independent contractors who can provide for those in need of HEMO Dialysis on board.

It should be noted that the equipment itself is not provided for by Royal Caribbean, but their facilitating ideology makes it as easy as can be for people in need of these treatments to cruise.

Source by Brian Janes

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