February 1, 2018

The Best European Discount Cruises

Just about every major cruise line offers European discount cruises. The biggest benefit of European cruises is that you get to tour Europe without the hassle. You basically port in European cities, tour the cities, and return to the ship.

You do not have to worry about hotel reservations, packing and unpacking your clothes. All of your accommodations and meals are included in the cruise package. Even the city tours are included in your package cost. Everything is taken care of for you. You might even be able to get airfare to your cruise departure location included in your discount package.

You have your choice of cruising to Northern Europe, Western Europe, or the Mediterranean. Each destination is available at discounted rates. Northern European cruises include port visits to Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. Petersburg. These are great sightseeing locales. Western European cruises include stops in London, Paris and Amsterdam. Mediterranean cruises usually stop in western ports of Italy, Spain and France or in eastern ports of Eastern Italy, the Greek Islands and Turkey.

If you want one of the cheapest European cruises, consider taking a transatlantic trip. These cruises are typically available in the spring and fall. Transatlantic cruises are basically trips between Europe and America. Rather than stopping at a series of ports, you will spend most of the time at sea. Transatlantic cruises generally last between one to two weeks. They occur as the ships are returning to Europe and the Mediterranean in the spring or to the Caribbean in the fall.

Discounts on European cruises can range from 67% to 80% off the regular price. You can not beat these prices. If you are planning a second honeymoon, a family outing, or just want to get away, definitely look into European cruises. You will marvel at the landscape, architecture, and land tours that are included in your cruise package.

You can find the best European discount cruises through your travel agent or by using an online discount cruise service. These cruises are some of the best discount cruises available today. You have the opportunity to visit various cultures, explore traditions, and partake in exquisite dining and local attractions.

Source by Denise Walker

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