February 2, 2018

3 Good Reason to Go on a Bahamas Cruise For Your Next Vacation

If you are planning a cruise, and are considering a Bahamas cruise, this article will help you with 3 good reasons to choose a cruise to the Bahamas. Have you ever wondered why those Bahamas cruises are so popular?

The sun and the beaches
There are actually a lot of reasons to choose a Bahamas cruise. First of all the Bahamas can offer a lot of fabulous beaches. Think of a sunny beach filled with white sand, palms and crystal clear blue water. Just let your dream wander of how great life is when your toes touches the nice white sand and the clear water. Does not that sound great? That is actually the Bahamas you are thinking of. And it is definitively not a problem to get a good tan in the Bahamas sun if that's what you are looking for.

Perfect for water sports
Bahamas have actually more than 5% of the coral reefs in the world, and are there very popular with snorkelers and divers. The sea life outside the islands is fantastic and have to be experienced firsthand. Bahamas is also perfect for other water sports like kayaking, surfing, wind sailing and fishing. What about a kayak tour in one of Bahamas' mysterious caves? Or what about close encounter with dolphins or sea lions?

Eco adventures
Bahamas offer a lot of natural attractions. In addition to its sea life, Bahamas offer a rich fauna and flora on its over 700 islands. Bahamas have the largest colony of West Indian flamingos, and the islands attract over hundred bird species, and make Bahamas a paradise for bird watchers. These include a lot of species not seen in the US, like the Bahamas parrot. With 12 national parks at different islands Bahamas can offer a lot to those who enjoy great nature and wildlife.

Source by John Carlsson

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