February 2, 2018

Cruise to the Panama Canal – Find the Best Deals Available

Originally the Panama Canal was built to shorten the travel time for ships that needed to cross between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It opened to vessels on August 15th, 1914 and is now estimated to be used by no less than 13,000 commercial vessels annually.

Since its early commercial uses the canal has become an exotic travel destination for those who want to travel through the magnificent canal. There are numerous cruises offered and they vary in duration, accommodation, different ports and different routes the cruise takes through the canal. Which ever cruise you choose it will be a memorable vacation that will not be forgotten.

You can choose to embark on your cruise form various different locations. You can leave from Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, Fort Lauderdale and New Orleans. Because of the many departure points this makes it very convenient to take a Panama Canal Cruise.

No matter were you start your cruise you will be taken across the full length of the canal that will include breathtaking views of an incredible engineering accomplishment while affording you many tour options along the canal. You can Kayak or Sail on Lake Gatun, you can schedule visits to the canal railroad which highlights sites along the canal and takes you through miles of Central Rain forest.

There are six large locks along the canal that lift up the ships form sea level up to eighty five feet and then slightly lower it. Sometimes there are only inches to spare on each side and this is a site that each of us should experience once in our lifetime.

There was a time when Panama Cruises were thought to be for the old and rich. Now cruises are available for all ages and pocketbooks. The next time you are thinking of taking a cruise make sure you include the Panama Canal as one of your options.

Source by Bryan Burbank

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