February 3, 2018

What Is a Residential Cruise Line?

Briefly, a residential cruise line is one in which passengers buy ownership in the cruise line and make the ship their home for all or part of the rest of their lives. This is a relaxing and enjoyable to spend your time if living on the sea agreements with you. Before you make that decision, do some research to find out if it is for you.

The Residence

When you buy a place on a residential cruise line, you do not have to worry about your residence on the ship being available to you. You can purchase full ownership, in which the residence will always be yours, or you can buy a fractional membership, where the place will be available to you at agreed upon times.

Just as with a home in a housing development, you have responsibilities to the community. In a housing development, it is a home owners association. On a residential cruise ship, it is the Ship's Operating Expense (SOE) that you will have to pay. This covers crew, utilities, insurance, and maintenance of the ship.

You can sell or rent your residence like you could if you lived on land. You will go through a permission process with the cruise line to complete the transaction. Most residential cruise companies will allow you to have up to two small pets. You may bring smoke in certain areas and bring liquor onboard. Certain produce is not acceptable, though.

The Ship

Residential cruise line ships are luxurious in every way. They have many more amenities than other cruise ships. Some of these are executive helicopters, observatories, and onboard marinas. They can usually carry over a thousand passengers.

The itinerary of a residential cruise will be varied and extensive. It will probably not repeat for several years. If you have suggestions, certainly you should report them to the cruise personnel. They will be glad to pass the information on to management for consideration.

The residences are designed to hold only two people per bedroom, and the ceilings are seven and one half feet tall. These are not cramped quarters, but they are not overly spacious either. If you are used to living in a large house with cathedral ceilings, you will have to consider whether you will be able to live with arrangement.

The Costs

The price of a residence on such a cruise line depends upon many things. You will have to do your research to find this out for each ship. Most ships do offer install plans so that you can finance your residence the same way you would your house.

For many people residential cruise line homes are the way to live. You get to see the world while relaxing in a home where service and maintenance are done for you. It can be an easy life for many.

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