February 11, 2018

7 Best South American Cruise Destinations

South America is a fantastic place for a cruise and has some of the most diverse landscapes and cultures of any cruise destination world wide. Many people imagine South America to be a destination out of reach of the normal tourist. Many cruise lines travel to the far shores of South America but which destination will be your ideal South American cruise?

Alta do Chao

Alta do chao is a port in Brazil and is a lovely beach river resort. Located along the Amazon this is a must see stop for any cruise tourist. The pristine sandy white beach is almost like a Mediterranean destination. The area consist of little villages and lush tropical forests. The area is simply stunning.


Also located in Brazil is Manaus. Manaus is the furthest navigable port on the Amazon and is the deepest you can go on a cruise line ship. It is 1000 miles from the ocean so you can imagine some of the stunning scenery you will encounter on the way there. The area is littered with monuments that the locals have constructed over the years. A fascinating destination.


Another Brazilian destination is Parintins. On the banks of the Amazon, Parintins is located within hundreds of miles of tropical rainforest. Every year at the end of June there are huge festivals held in Parintins. It is a unique place to find some great souvenirs that can not be found anywhere else in the world. The Parintins Mountain Ridge and the Taracuera and Varre Wind beaches can be found nearby as well as the beautiful Valéria Lake.


Brazil is a massive area and has many ports. Another Brazilian port located on the Amazon is Santarem, 500 miles up the Amazon. It is a city of over 140,000 people and has a bustling harbor. Upstream you will sale through lush rainforest where you might see monkeys and other rain forest wildlife frolicking in the trees. A truly unforegettable South American cruise.


Puntarenas is the largest province in Costa Rica. It has a mass varied landscape and you will see something different at every turn. It is the largest city in the central pacific. There is plenty of old colonial Spanish architecture to admire and its beaches are some of the best in the world. The beach areas are littered with alfresco cafés and restaurants. Nearby is Manuel Antonio Park, a lush tropical rainforest to explore. Costa Rica's beaches are famous for the excellent snorkelling and fantastic forest trails.

Puerto Chiapas

A stop in Mexico may include the port of Puerto Chiapas. The area has a very rich culture and the landscape is breathtaking. Some of Mexico's finest archaeological sites can be accessed via this port. This lush area is based in the middle of a rainforest and as such some of the plants and wildlife is exotic to say the least. The colonial architecture needs to be seen to be believed.

San Juan

Puerto Rico is a charming place to visit on your South American cruise. Within walking distance of San Juan is Old San Juan. It is the most attractive part of the Puerto Rican capital and also one of the most fascinating historic areas in the whole Caribbean. The 16th century fortress El Morro is a must visit for anyone cruising into the area.

A South American cruise is a magical vacation. There is so much to see and do in South America that this article hard makes a dent. Everyone should experience the South American cruise.

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