February 12, 2018

3 Little Known Secrets to Big Savings on Cruise Travel Deals

Here are the facts about cruise travel deals:

  • The economy is tough.
  • Everyone is under extra stress.
  • We all could use a vacation.
  • The vacation budget has shrunk.
  • EVERYBODY likes a good deal.

Enter the universal quest to find great cruise travel deals. You've always heard about the luxury and indulgence of cruising, and now you are seriously considering how to make it happen. But if you can not find the real cruise travel deals, it will not be possible for you and your family. Relax, would-be cruise traveler, I have some valuable information to share with you about how to find those cruise travel deals!

Here are 3 insider secrets that your travel agent will not tell you and the cruise industry really does not want you to know:

Avoid Peak Season

Cruises ships fill up quickly during the most popular early spring and summer travel months and cruise lines have no reason to offer reduced fares. About 38% of cruise industry revenue is generated between January and March when folks in colder climates seek out warmer weather and mid-winter and early spring breaks allow for family vacations.

Instead, look for cruise travel deals when ships are not booked to capacity during the off-season. In addition, your airfare to the port of embarkation will also be 10-30% cheaper in the slow months due to the same supply and demand conditions.

Repositioning Cruise

Repositioning cruises are unusual itineraries that result from needing to move a ship from one home port to another. For example, from California to Hawaii, or from Florida to Alaska. These cruise travel deals are because they do not offer as many ports of call, and will run regardless of how many passengers get booked. However, if you love the cruise ship experience and do not need to visit many exotic ports, this can be a great way to get the pampering without the big-ticket price tag. A repositioning run can easily offer a cruise travel deal of 40-50% less than a regular cruise of the same duration.

Note of Caution: Repositioning cruises are not recommended for first-time cruisers. It's a lot of time on board if you are not certain that you will like that vacation style.

Skip the Flight

One simple method to really cut down the cost of your cruise travel deal is to look for embarkations ports that are within driving distance of where you live. Of course, most cruises that originate in the US sail from Florida or California, but there are many other sailings out there from cities like New Orleans, Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Bayone (New Jersey), New York, Philadelphia, and Mobile . A drive-up port cruise can easily save your family $ 1,000 on airfare alone.

Cruise travel deals can easily be had with just a little bit of inside knowledge and some careful planning. Just remember you do not have to travel with the herd on a 7-day Caribbean Carnival Cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale over your kids' spring break. The real cruise travel deals are had by breaking out of the pack!

Source by CJ Anderson

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