February 12, 2018

A Carnival Cruise? It's a 24-7 Party!

Even the most die-hard clubber will relish the range of events on board a Carnival cruise. Not only can you party hard until the wee hours of the morning, but you do not have to worry about being rolled over and breathalyzed on your way home. And do not stick to your Cosmopolitans and Manhattans or your favorite beer; venture into a world of elaborately garnished, fruity concoctions and a range of imported bees that will tempt even the most jaded taste buds. Dance the night away at costume parties on a Carnival cruise, where you will need to come up with some kind of disguise using whatever you've brought in your suitcase. Play 'guess who' with other guests whom you may have met in a swimsuit (just hours earlier).

Theme nights are big deals on a Carnival cruise. Sometimes they're based on the hit movie of the day, such as the latest James Bond flick or action adventure. You may even hit the jackpot and have a celebrity appear (in person) to drive the theme home.

When you need to relax and chill out, you certainly will not be bored. Even couch surfing is more fun on a Carnival cruise. Satellite TV beams an extraordinary array of channels to the ship so you'll never miss an important game or the latest news. Enjoy a cold beverage while you lounge around and build up your energy reserves because the next party is never too far away.

If shopping is your thing, Carnival cruise ships resembling sailing shelters, offering duty-free stores for unbeatable prices on luxury goods. Stock up on your favorite perfume or discover a new one. Try some extravagant jewelry on for size. With almost everything else covered on board, shopping sprees can be irresistible. Souvenirs are a must but it's probably best that you buy them on shore. They are more likely to be authentic, hand-made representations of the local wares.

Also, try your luck in the Carnival cruise ship casino. These are not inferior gambling lounges. Up-to-date slot machines, beautifully appointed gaming tables and expert croupiers combine to provide an experience that matches any that you'll find in Las Vegas. The hustle and bustle, ringing bells and cheers of delight are no different here than in any landlocked casino.

You will not have any problem satisfying your hunger on a Carnival cruise. A late night pizza and beer is easy to find, as is champagne cocktails and canapes. Enjoy a mid-morning cappuccino and Danish while you spot for seagulls, or feast on wicked desserts after lunch and dinner. When you start to feel guilty, take a jog around the various decks or build up a sweat on a treadmill, cross-trainer or rowing machine as you look out to sea.

Speaking of sweat, there are saunas and hot tubs to help relax you even further. A day spa with a full menu of irresistible treatments will help you look your very best every day, no matter how much you party!

Add to all of that, comedy and cabaret performances, art auctions, ping pong, blackjack, cooking classes, movies, temporary tattoos, piano bars, karaoke and belly dancing instruction. You'll soon agree that a carnival cruise is the best idea for a party that lasts for days. Also, do not forget the shore excursions and the exciting things you can see and do while away from the ship.

Known as a "fun ship", a "party boat" and a "floating party", a Carnival cruise is ideal for birthdays, graduation rewards, like-minded people and partying your heart out!

Source by Linda Woods

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