February 12, 2018

Cruise Planners-American Express Franchise Review

Cruise Planners/American Express planners (Cruise Planners) operates cruises on the worldwide market. Here is a simple review of this cruise franchising opportunity. It is suggested that you have $10,000 in liquid capital to start as business.

Interesting facts about this company include that in the next three years they will have 26 new ships. You can earn commissions by offering trip insurance, shore excursions, and other optional features. Your main source of revenue is by selling tour packages and earning commissions. You also earn commissions by offering trip insurance and other optional features.

For the industry itself studies find that over 30 million Americans plan to make a cruise in the next three years. There three major players in the industry. Cruise Planners is affiliated with American Express. Their data says that nine of 10 franchises succeed, while eight of 10 regular businesses fail.

Cruise Planners has been ranked number one by Entrepreneur magazine. They were ranked number one home based partner by Royal Caribbean International for the past three years. Cruise Planners opened in 1994, and started franchising in 1999. Their marketing support includes a Co-op program, and slicks, National Media, and regional advertising. I did not see any reference to an Internet based program.

If you plan to enter this arena, I suggest you learn how to market effectively on the Internet. Coaching and mentoring programs are available; however there is a learning curve involved. Marketing on the Internet can be much more cost effective than traditional marketing such as cooperative advertising, and national and regional advertising.

Cruise Planners looks like a viable franchising opportunity. Having been in business for over 15 years indicates they know what they are doing! As with any franchise opportunity, I suggest you do your own due diligence before joining. One excellent place to start your search is Wikipedia. You might also contact Cruise Planners to see if there are other franchise owners that you can talk with. You should also check out their testimonials on their website.

If you decide to join Cruise Planners be sure to take full advantage of open communication with the head office. This appears to be their strong point in keeping franchise owners up to date on their current programs. Remember, do your own due diligence, and I wish you the very best sheet to join this franchise.

Source by Kevin Ewing

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