February 12, 2018

How to Start Selling Cruises

Selling Cruises With A Simple No-Hard-Sell Step by Step Approach

Although there are several methods you can use to start selling cruises, this web page will focus on one method that, arguably, will yield the greatest results. It is also a simple method to implement.

Travel sellers are eager to work with you to start selling cruises because you can bring in new customers for them. Actually, you are also providing free advertising and promotion for their business.

They know that if you promote to the people you know it can multiply into hundreds of potential customers because the people you know also know people, and those people know people, and so on.

Therefore, the incentive is there for a travel business owner to at least “take a look” at you. He or she will provide guidance and training but it is up to you to prove yourself.

Your cruise seller will serve as an invaluable resource while you perform the following steps below.

Step One:

Your first step is to identify several affinity groups you want to approach. An affinity group refers to a group of people you know or that you are familiar. They consist of individuals, church and club groups, association and organizational members, family members (perhaps family reunion groups), school groups, and so on.

You identify several affinity groups, because you want the numbers to work for you, as you will see in step three.

Step Two:

Based on the three separate (affinity group) markets you identify, your second step is to use your knowledge of these markets to choose a cruise itinerary that will appeal to them. You may have to do some additional things to get all the information you need.

For example, you may want to find one or two core members to ask for their assistance. Preferably, approach core members considered “leaders” by the other members. If a leader “gets on board” with you, your work becomes easier.

Of course, get one or two of your closest friends to assist you.

Ask questions of leaders and friends in order to enhance and deepen your understanding of your affinity groups. An informal survey can also give you valuable information to assist you in selling cruises.

Step Three:

With the help of your travel seller guide, put together a basic one-page flyer to determine interest in the itinerary you have chosen.

If your three markets consist of very large numbers of people, choose two itineraries, and put together two one-page flyers. Give your (one or two) itineraries to everyone on your list, and do so within a very short period. In fact, hand out all flyers within a matter of days.

In order to reach your objective, your personal goal of selling cruises will determine how many people you must have on your list. Remember, you want numbers to work for you.

Expect to give 75 to 100 flyers for every (one) couple you want to make a cruise purchase. As you see by these numbers, twelve couples will require as many as 1000 flyers. This is one reason why you must identify at least three affinity groups to promote your cruise.

Another very important point to make about selling cruises to affinity groups pertains to “timing”.

To increase your odds of selling cruises, give out all flyers before the end of the third quarter (September 30) preceding the year of the planned cruise.

Many people are required to choose their following year vacation time before the end of their current employment year. Giving out all of your flyers before the 30th of September will give them the opportunity to plan their vacation time around your cruise itinerary.

Also, if you are concerned about not having large enough numbers for your promotion use discount or other incentives to get people to spread the word for you. This action reduces your overall commission, but your chance of success increases.

Finally, because your travel seller is an invaluable resource, it is important to identify a cruise seller you can work with. There are several pages within the website to help you identify good cruise sellers.

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