February 13, 2018

Disney Cruise Ships Offer Something for the Entire Family

If you are looking for a different type of vacation that the entire family can enjoy, a Disney cruise is certainly one to consider. Of the many cruise lines that are on the ocean today, few can cater to every age and preference as well as the Disney Company can. Disney Cruises makes it possible for even families with young children to enjoy a vacation at sea with complete comfort and entertainment available for everyone. You can take a quick trek to the Bahamas or spend a week in the Caribbean and Mexico. For longer vacations, there are Mediterranean and transatlantic itineraries available as well. No matter where you want to go, Disney Cruises will get you there in plenty of style and fun.

The Ships of Disney Cruises

Currently, Disney Cruises has two ships in its fleet; the Wonder and the Magic. These two ships are sister ships meaning that they are similar in size and structure. The ships were created in the style of the classic cruise liner, and this timeless elegance is found through the interior and exterior of the ships. The only difference between the two ships is primarily the itinerary that you choose. In 2011 and 2012, Disney plans to add two more ships to its fleet that will be significantly larger than the current ships. While the Wonder and the Magic hold about 2400 guests, the new ships will hold up to 4000. There has not yet been information about what the itineraries will be for these new additions, but you can bet that there will be considerable excitation when these new Disney cruise ships make their debut.

Unusual Dining on Disney Cruises

One of the features that makes Disney cruises unique is their rotational dining system. Instead of one large dining room, or two matching dining areas, Disney provides three unique dining experiences that are all fully enhanced with the Disney magic. Each night, you get to try out a new dining room to enjoy the ambiance and menus that each area offers. The really exciting part of this rotational dining idea is that your wait staff travels with you to the various locations. So while you are checking out the splendor and beauty of each dining area, your wait staff will come right along side you, remembering your drinks of choice and exactly how you like your food cooked and served. It is really an advantage for families traveling with children, since the kids never have time to get bored at meals with new things to look at every night!

Along the beautiful ships and unique dining, Disney cruises has created an entitlement vacation at sea with the entire family in mind. State rooms are larger, and there are family suites available to house groups of four or five. Entertainment is consistently up to the Disney standard, and is always family friendly. You will never be at a loss for things to do, or places to see. Try a Disney cruise for your next family vacation and watch the magic come alive.

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