February 13, 2018

How to Get a Cruise Upgrade – 7 Effective Tips to Upgrade Your Cruise

You are all excited about your up coming cruise trip, the first you have ever undertaken! Your friends who are seasoned cruisers inform you that you can get a cruise upgrade, what do you do? To begin with choosing a cabin on a cruise ship is complicated enough due to the large number of categories they have. How to get a cruise upgrade? There really is not any special secret to get a cruise; it's more the luck of the draw.

There are some ideas detailed below that you could use to try for a cruise upgrade, and who knows it may just work for you.

Booking your cruise well in advance – cruise ships typically makes it a practice to sell the most luxurious cabins and the lowest priced cabins first. When you book well in advance, you may be upgraded if the demand for your category cabin is high.

First time cruiser – cruise ships sometimes upgrade first time cruisers as a sort of incentive to get them to become repeat customers. Even if you have sailed before on a different cruise line, the new cruise ship you are planning to travel with may upgrade you to get your custom next time round.

Check with your travel agent – when booking your cruise you can always ask the travel agent about a possible upgrade. If you do not ask you do not get applications here because people are not usually forthcoming with information. Keep phoning in until it is time to set sail, you could get lucky or your persistence may pay off.

Guarantee cabin – at the time of booking your cruise, you reserve a particular category and not a cabin. The cruise ship guarantees that you will get a cabin in the category you reserved or if one is not available, an upgraded cabin will be allocated to you. There is one disadvantage to this type of reservation; the cabin you get may not be located in the area of ​​your choice, a specific deck for example. The advantage is that you will be given preference for an upgrade over a customer who has booked a particular cabin.

Keep a track of the cabin price before and after booking – cruise lines and travel agents sometimes offer low priced guarantees to encourage early bird bookings. The low priced guarantee means you get a refund or shipboard credit if the price drops below what you already paid for the cruise. This could be in the form of an upgrade to a higher level.

Cruising in 'off season' – booking your cruise during the off season times of the year to the not so popular destinations, you can be more or less sure that an upgrade is in the offing. You will still have a fantastic time, so what if it's a little chillier than expected!

One last tip , if you are taking a cruise to celebrate your anniversary or birthday, inform the travel agent if you have booked through one or the cruise line direct. Odds are you will be given an upgrade as a special perk because cruise lines make provision for special events.

Source by David Erskine

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