February 14, 2018

Cruise Ship Jobs for Golfers – Golf Instructors Can Work on a Cruise Ship

Now is the perfect time to explore cruise ship jobs. As more and more ships are added to the fleet each year, there will be a need for employees in all areas of expertise. There is even a position for you if your interest is teaching others to play golf.

Golf has gained more attention among the youngger generation since Tiger Woods burst on the scene. Interest has taken off in a big way. Everyone wants to have their turn swinging the club and sinking the putt. Passengers on a cruise ship are no different from the rest of us. They want to learn to play as well. What better place to take lessons than on a cruise of the world with the wind on your back and the sun in your face.

Luxury liners like the SS Titanic were thought to be a fad, but in the twenty century that "fad" has reached new heights. The cruise ships are getting larger. The opulence of the floating cities on the ocean these days would put the Titanic to shame.

Cruise lines are spending million of dollars to see that each and every need of each and every passenger is met. In that vein, they are adding new programs to their itinerary of activities. For the intellectuals, they are hosting specialty cruises. Passengers that are interested in taking up a new hobby will have the opportunity. These cruises offer classes in subjects ranging from oil painting to gardening. Not only do you get to have fun, but you can learn something new at the same time.

Professionals in the area of ​​geography, oceanography, and photography offer instructive lectures and courses for passengers interested in more than just the view of their exotic ports of call. They can learn about the history and culture as well.

In an effort to accommodate passengers, cruise lines are looking for staff members with specific skills. This includes golf. Gone are the days of spending hours playing shuffleboard. That's probably still offered, but golf is more exciting. Passengers can sign up for personal instruction or if they know how to play, they can putt around by themselves. As a golf instructor, you are in a unique position to garner a job on any of a number of luxury cruise ships.

You would be amazed at the types of jobs that cruise ships need to fill. Besides the normal maintenance, housekeeping, hospitality, and kitchen jobs, there is a need for aerobics instructors, estheticians, lounge singers, spa professionals, naturalists, youth counselors, and activity professionals like you. The more services that a ship offers, the more specialized the employee has to be to fill the post.

Cruise jobs on large liners are quite competitive. To get the job you want do your homework. Research all companies that interest you in an effort to find the one that will meet your needs. Most cruise ships offer six to nine month contracts. If you are working for seasonal work, your choices will require more flexibility as far as location and job duties.

The interview process will be rigid. Companies are looking for discipline and a team spirit as well as experience. Depending on the registry of the ship, lower wage staff jobs are not filled by North Americans. These include the housekeeping, kitchen, and maintenance positions.

For the other specialty positions you will have to market your skills to the company. Do not neglect to include summers working in a retail store or life jobs at the YMCA. All of this will play to your strengths and get you a second look for that coveted cruise job.

Because you are basically living in a floating hotel, there is nowhere to go. The money that you earn can be saved for the time between contracts when you go home or when you give up the industry and settle down. Staff is also given free meals in their own mess hall, laundry service, and round trip transport to and from the ship when the contract ends.

The shipboard life is not for everyone. You can go ashore when the ship docks, but it could be several days before you reach port. Some people are amazed by how much they can feel the movement of the ocean. They assume that the vessel is big enough to negate that. Changes in the weather also can cause the boat to sway more than normal. People prone to motion sickness would not fair well on a cruise ship of any size.

Source by Martha M Lapinski

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