February 14, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Line – Why Is It So Popular for Cruise Ship Vacations?

If you are interested in a cruise ship vacation, first check out the Norwegian Cruise Line. Norwegian Cruise Line has cruises that will please every interest and taste. Their website is entertaining as well as informative. Every page has moving fish, pictures and catchy phrases. The NCL website also has fun videos, with an individual page devoted to describing each ship of their fleet. There are virtual tours pictures and even a web cam which is hooked up to see a live shot of the cruise ship.

The Norwegian Cruise Line claims to be the youngest fleet on the planet according to their website. They have 13 ships in their fleet. 10 of the ships have Norwegian in the name. For example, Norwegian Majesty and Norwegian Star. The other 3 cruise ships are part of the "Pride of" series. These are The Pride of Aloha, The Pride of America, and The Pride of Hawaii. Norwegian Cruise Line's fleet is famous for the comfort and class they offer, and can accommodate travelers of all ages, income, and lifestyle.

Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) sail to over 140 ports of call on four continents. They have itineraries which go to Alaska, Europe, Caribbean, and North and South America They offer cruises ranging from a short weekend to three weeks.

NCL offer "freestyle cruising" on all of their cruise ships. Freestyle cruising is the ability to spend your vacation without ever looking at a clock or watch. You may choose to eat when you like and do not have a schedule at all if that is your preference.

In the theme of free-style cruising. one of the many pioneering elements that Norwegian Cruise Line has introduced to the industry, is free-style dining. Traditional practice for a cruise experience was a typically rigid dining schedule with pre-assigned seats, dress code and limited menus, NCL has welcomed the convenience of flexibility to dining to the sea. Passengers have a range of anywhere between 6 to a dozen dining facilities from which to choose at any given time with different menu genres. From buffet style to be chosen and loaded onto your tray, to the main dining halls where menus are served around a theme and dress is casual, right up to the gourmet dining experience that so many come to associate with a luxury cruise line. Of course, for an additional fee, passengers who enjoy more exotic delicacies, can choose from a variety of small, ethnically themed restaurants such as Ethiopian, French-Vietnamese and Asian.

If you would like a luxury cruise, NCL is a good cruise line to consider. Norwegian Cruise Line offers regular accommodation as well as garden and courtyard villas, penthouse suites, and more.

With these luxurious options, you have special boarding privileges and spacious rooms with private balconies and walls of windows as well as your own hot tub and washrooms to die for. A butler will unpack your suitcase and wait on you through your trip.

Fresh flowers and complimentary champagne awaits you in your rooms and there is 24 hour room service available.

NCL provides options for those passengers who like golf. Norwegian Cruise Line has designed a cruise that looks like "golf heaven" for golfers. Golfers can play at every port of call at the latest and best golf courses.

Golf clubs can be rented but if you wish to bring your own, a golf valet will clean and maintain and have them ready and waiting for you at the pier. Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the newest partners of the PGA tour and the Champions tour.

Source by Barbara White

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