February 14, 2018

Norwegian Cruise Lines Freestyle Accommodation

Norwegian cruise lines, a beautiful cruise, in which everything is freestyle. In this cruise you can make a choice of living in your own way. You can choose your accommodation, food, entertainment, etc. In this article we will discuss the types of accommodation to choose from.

A good and comfortable accommodation is very important for temporary or permanent living. Norwegian Cruise lines provide you the facility to choose your own accommodation and the way you want to spend your vacation. You can enjoy luxury, garden, swimming pool and personal hot bath tub in your own suite. You will not share with anyone but only with your family members and guests. You will also get economic staterooms and staterooms with balcony for sea view. All the rooms are comfortable and beautifully furnished. Norwegian Cruise Lines offers full privacy to the families by providing the staterooms adjacent and connected. You not only enjoy alone but also with your whole family, neighbors, friends and in laws.

Suits and villas are even more beautiful. You will get luxury place to live. And the things you have not even expected will get in Norwegian Cruise Lines. Get butler to do all your work. Just think of it! He will also unpack your luggage. You will see bright shiny walls with glass and private ocean facing balcony to sit with your romantic loved once. There are hot tubs in balconeys!

Have a look at the details of each type of accommodation one by one:

"Garden Villas

When you see a garden villa, your mouth will open automatically for Wow! Garden villas are up to 5750 square feet with breath taking luxury. There are three bedrooms with attach bath and tubs. Also a personal garden to roam around with a swimming pool. If you do not want to go out food, just ask your butler to make an arrangement in villa and enjoy the vacation.

"Owner's suites

As soon as you were escorted to your suite, a complimentary drink was offered. The butler unpacks your luggage. There I a special room for cocktail party with friends and neighbors and a private balcony. You can also tell butler to arrange the cocktail party in your personal balcony. You can watch old movies by selecting from the collection from your bed side. You can also opt to arrange the hot stone massage in the morning. Just a feeling of a boss in a ship!

"Courtyard Villas

It has exceptional luxury living with a personal ocean facing balcony where you feel the cool breeze of ocean. At night sit in the balcony and open your bottle of wine and snacks. Listen to beautiful soothing music and relax. At night you are given the choice in pillows and bed sheet on which you want to slip in.

"Courtyard area

The Courtyard area is on a private deck. There is a swimming pool, hot bath tub and many things that you have not even imagined. You will feel like sitting in a ship within ship. This courtyard area is only for special guests like owner suits, garden villas, deluxe owner's suits and courtyard villas. There is a gym, steam room and separate sundeck. Your butler will serve anything for you there. Not only this, you can also prepare meals at your own.


Penthouses are especially for families. You will get breakfast on your bed, enjoy with your kids and relax. Your kids will get different room. You can also reserve a table in a special restaurant ay any o'clock.

"Romance Suits

In romance suits you will get full privacy. Sit in your balcony and have strawberries and champagne. You can order dinner in your suite or there is a table booked for two of you in any restaurant you like. There is a beautiful collection of linens and luxurious bathroom. Collectively, a romantic place for just two of you!

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