February 14, 2018

Public Relations for Cruise Ship Lines

We are all aware of some of the nasty spills the Cruise Ship lines have taken with negative public relations and much of it is undeserved. Neverheless crisis management is a part of Cruise Ship line Public Relations, just as much as positive public relations and travel industry goodwill.

Perhaps you'll recall two years ago the outbreak of a virus on a cruise ship line and another cruise ship, which had bacteria in the water. Neither of these were the actual cruise ships fault. But rather they had picked up water and a port, which was not good.

The same thing happens on airliners when they fill up with water and foreign airports. There was another problem recently where a newlywed husband got into a fight and ended up overboard and no one had ever seen him again. His widow and their family sued the Cruise line and made a huge issue out of it.

Cruise ship lines have to overcome negative public relations and crisis management of this type and be careful to promote positive public relations all year round, otherwise they can not fill up the ships with passengers.

Public relations for Cruise ship lines means that they must also keep up communication lines with all mass media outlets and promote all the good things that do such as assisting during the Indonesia tsunami operations and the post hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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