February 14, 2018

South Pacific Cruise – Find the Best Cruise at the Best Price

I am sure sometime the fantasy of sailing to a great South Pacific Island has crossed your mind. What was once a fantasy can now be a reality. While friends are boarding crowded ships sailing to the Caribbean and Mexico you can be setting sail to the Great South Pacific.

The South Pacific is made up of Melanesia and Micronesia. Both groups of small islands with diverse and interesting cultures. The best time to go is from May to October when it is less humid and a smaller rainfall. Any time you choose to go through the year you will find a region with a temperate climate for outdoor enjoyment. When cruising the South Pacific make sure you do not miss land excursions. In Melanesia make sure you do not miss Nadi, Fiji and make sure you see Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, this is the major Hindu Temple. A must visit is also the foothills of the Sabeto or the sleeping giant mountain range.

In Polynesia you will see the most incredible waters and beautiful island scenery. Any short excursion that you pick will be a winner. In Rarotonga, Cook Island you will find a rugged island that is good for Hiking and Kayaking and visits to the local markets are good for food and music.

Apice Samoa is a place were you able to visit the tomb of Robert Louis Stevenson. You can enjoy incredible snorkeling and a visit to Palolo Deep Marine Reserve is a must.

In Tahiti take one of the many island tours tracing the footsteps of Paul Gauguin. You can explore the cliffs and surrounding vegetation. Visit some of the upscale residential areas, then you can quickly find deserted beaches for swimming and sun bathing.

Bora Bora is famous for its magnificent lagoons and magical waters. Moorea is best scene form the land were there are lush peaks and valleys that you can go to. A visit to many of the Black Pearl stores, that can only be found in Moorea, were you can look at and buy Pearl Jewelry. Tours to swim with the Dolphins can also be arranged.

Additional trips to Raitea, Laha, Huahine, Guam can be arranged. On many islands public transportation is available but some you should rent a vehicle to get around. This can all be pre-arranged on the ship. Travelers feel a one week cruise is not long enough and back to back cruise at reduced rates is the way to go. Your trip can also be extended by longer stays on individual island and this can also be arranged ahead of time.

No matter how you plan your cruise to the South Pacific you are in for a most memorable life experience.

Source by Bryan Burbank

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