February 14, 2018

What to Do When You Board a Cruise Ship?

If you are a person who wonders what to do when you board the ship, then you are reading the right article.
Below are four steps to follow so you can have an enjoyable cruise vacation.

1) The day your cruise is due to depart you are to arrive to the ship early for boarding. Lines might be long and you want to board with the least amount of hassle.

2) When you get on board the ship, go get yourself some lunch. The minute you board you can start enjoying the wonderful food they serve. You may want to forget your diet while on the trip.

3) After you have filled your stomach with all the delicious food, take a walk around the ship so you can begin to make yourself feel at home. Becoming familiar with your surroundings will help you navigate around the ship with ease.

I bet you are wondering what your bags are going to be doing while you eat and tour the ship. Well during this time, your luggage will be making its way to your cabin via the staff. You will leave your bags in the luggage drop off area outside and see them again when you go to your room allowing you to enjoy yourself from minute one.

4) After a little cruise ship site seeing, you can go check your cabin for a daily itinerary letting you know what activities are on the ship and some additional information about tipping, ports, room service, and more.

I do advise you to pay close attention to the tipping policies because most cruise lines will charge you a rate per day and per person person in the cabin. I have been on cruises where guest are shocked by the fees on their final bill and they run to guest serves to have it changed. I do not want your vacation to be ruined by something you can handle in the beginning.

Source by Candice Flermius

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