February 15, 2018

Cruise Ship Jobs – Which is the Best Cruise Line to Work For?

If you are looking for cruise ship jobs, chances are you are asking around as to which cruise line is the best one to work for.

Consider this: each cruise line has a fleet of ships, and each of these ships is like a hotel run by a manager (captain) and his staff (crew). Each of these ships, is there before run differently and independently of each other while operating under their particular franchise.

If you ask for advice from former or current crew members as to which cruise line you should work for, you will get a myriad different answers, that's for sure!

What's more, you will be told by one person that you should only ever work for X cruise company because they had a personally fantastic experience working for them; yet the next person will tell you about their own personal horror story of working for the same company.

Confusing? Indeed.

So, how do you win?

If you have not yet worked on a cruise ship and are serious about applying for cruise ship jobs, the best thing you can do for yourself is to simply start applying for positions that suit your experience with each and every cruise line out there so that you can get your foot in the door.

It is only through your own personal experience with a particular cruise line that you will never know which cruise company you should work for – what fits your character and personality and which one offers the rewards and benefits that you may be looking for.

And very importantly , once you've been hired for your first cruise ship job, if you work hard and prove yourself, there will be opportunities to work on different ships within the same fleet (lateral movement), and there will be opportunities for promotion on board the ship / s you work on.

Plus your resume will start to burgeon with experience that will make you stand out above all the other applicants should you ever wish to apply for a job with a different cruise line company.

So, do not be hung up on which cruise company you should work for, each ship is different – get out there and discover the world, no matter which cruise line and which ship … remember, the ship you start on may very well not be the ship you end up on!

Source by Hermione Spencer-Herbst

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