February 16, 2018

Alaska Adventure Cruise – Great Family Vacation

The new era of cruises:

Many of us still harbor the stereotype that a cruise is a vacation for retirees who play shuffleboard and eat all day. While this may have been true in the past, cruises are dramatically changing their image. Cruises are far more family oriented these days and offer great vacation packages geared towards entertaining both the kids and adults. One of the best cruises of this type is an Alaskan adventure cruise.

The appeal of an Alaskan adventure cruise:

Alaskan cruises offer great port excursions for the entire family. These excursions are primarily geared towards the outdoors; the focus is hiking, fishing, panning for gold, whale watching, and kayaking. For those who want to avoid exerting themselves the towns offer their own attractions with sightseeing and shopping.

Great port excursion:

Almost every Alaskan adventure cruise will stop at the following four ports which offer great activities for the entire family.

Juneau: Amazing rainforest tours, hiking, glacier trekking and more.
Ketchikan: Home of the unspoiled Orea beach; a must-see for any nature lover.
Sitka: visit the national park, see the open bird habitat, or even take a jet boat ride!
Wrangell : Another rainforest walk which culminates in a one hundred foot waterfall.

Other great port excursion:

Where you go after these four initial ports depends entirely on the route your cruise line changes to follow. Wherever you go though, you can be certain that there will be plenty of hiking and gorgeous views.

You can also get involved in sport fishing and whale watching. Alaska is home to the infamous humpback whale, and cruises can prove to be the perfect spot to keep an eye out for these majestic creatures.

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Source by William Burgo

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