February 17, 2018

Alaskan Cruise Apparel – Packing Tips For an Alaskan Cruise

Cruise vacations have become a very popular and affordable way to travel.

Nowadays there's an ever widening choice of destinations as well as itineraries.

Anything from long weekend getaways to round-the-world adventures are available for the avid traveler. One of the most popular up-and-coming cruise vacation destinations is our 49th state. But what kind of cruise apparel do you bring on an Alaskan cruise adventure?

Because of the weather and the onshore options it takes a bit more thought and preparation than it would for the typical warm weather cruise.

The good news is that with some Alaskan cruise packing tips from experienced Alaska travelers you will arrive at your destination ready for anything.

Daytime Alaskan Cruise Apparel

Unless you're going to the Arctic Circle – where it can be a lot colder – daytime weather in Alaska during cruising months ranges from 40 degrees with light rain to 70 degrees with sunshine.

You'll want to layer your clothing both because both casual cruise apparel and styles are generally more acceptable on an Alaskan cruise than to other destinations; and when you layer you can remove clothing if it gets warmer.

A t-shirt and / or short-sleeved shirt with a flannel shirt over it and a hooded jacket would be a good choice for daytime cruise apparel.

Make sure to bring a rain coat or rain jacket and a polar fleece jacket for colder temperatures. You want to prepare for any changes in the weather.

Add jeans and / or slacks to your daytime cruise apparel and you'll be ready for onboard activities as well as some onshore daytime excursions.

Nighttime Alaskan Cruise Apparel

  • Dinners in the dining room usually needate dressier choices than daytime wear.
  • Casual nights will mean shirts and slacks for the men, and pants or skirts for the women.
  • Semi-formal nights will usually see men in ties and sports jackets and women in pantsuits or dresses.
  • Formal nights often mean cocktail dresses or gowns for women and suits or tuxedos for men.

Women may want a light wrap or shawl to wear with dresses, since the decks can be very cool in the evenings.

Men can rent tuxes onboard the ship and save a bit of packing room.

Although it's not exactly cruise apparel, it'd be a good idea to bring a backpack with you. Then you can carry all your gear on excursions and keep your hands free for picture taking and other stuff.

Source by Steve Schulman

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