February 19, 2018

Cruise Line Job Opportunities – How to Score a Great Job With Caribbean or Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise lines are two of the largest and most popular cruise lines in the world. Many people within the industry would like to gain employment with one of these companies. Not unlike other cruise lines getting hired with Carnival or Caribbean cruise lines can be difficult, but it is not impossible.

The first step when preparing to apply with any cruise line should always be to create a tailor resume. This resume should not only highlight your professional experience, but it should also highlight you as an individual. Cruise lines are specifically interested in what you personally bring to the table and how having you aboard will enhance their passengers experience on their ship. Many of Carnivals ships have casinos on aboard so they also carry an age requirement of twenty one or older for all applicable applying for work on those ships. When applying with Carnival it is important that you note any previous experience you have working in a casino environment. Royal Caribbean bases their cruise experience heavily on entertainment, so any experience in the entertainment industry will definitely give you an advantage and should be highlighted on your resume. Additionally, keep you resume short and to the point.

When you have completed your resume and you are ready to start putting in your applications, you can either apply directly with the company of your choice or you can get connected with a recruitment agent. Recruitment agents work as a middleman between applicants and cruise lines by directing qualified companies to companies looking to fill available positions. Unlike various other cruise lines, Carnival and Royal Caribbean do not hire solely through recruitment agents. So, if you feel prepared it is completely acceptable to submit an application and resume on your own. Both companies offer the ability to apply directly for available positions online and also list information for mailing or faxing your resume.

Most importantly, Carnival and Caribbean are looking for energetic, outgoing, fun individuals. So when interviewing keep that in mind. In the cruise industry personality and being personable can really seal the deal when it comes to getting hired.

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