February 19, 2018

Cruise Ship Enrichment Speaker Program – Edutainment, Empowerment, Inspiration, Transformation & Fun

Travelers are looking to rejuvenate and invigorate their lives while experiencing relaxation and adventure. Purposeful pleasure is becoming increasingly popular. Cruise ships are catching on and riding the wave with their many enrichment programs. Some more than others.

Special interest speakers provide a series of original presentations on destinations and topics of special interest to cruise guests.

The Cruise Critic remarked of Grandeur of the Seas, launched in early 1996, one of Royal Caribbean’s older vessels: “There’s also no enrichment program (unless you count napkin folding and dollar origami), though that is fairly customary for Royal Caribbean in general.”

To Royal Caribbean’s defense their International cruises do offer enrichment programs on the following – “Fun and unique” topics with a broad appeal, Culture and topics that relate to the cruise itinerary, Billiards, Anything “Behind the Scenes,” History presented in a fun way, Journalism, Art, Mardi Gras, Sports, Theater/Hollywood, Astronomy, Nature/Wildlife, Space Program, “British” topics, New Age, Men’s topics, Seasonal and Holiday topics.

Celebrity Cruises offers – Art History, World Affairs, History, Culture, Maritime History, Celebrities/Hollywood, Theater, Music, Journalism, Nature/Wildlife, “Meatier” topics with a broad appeal.

Discovery World Cruises provides – Cultural, Current Events, World Affairs, Politics, History, Journalism, Art, Astronomy, Nature/Wildlife, “Meatier” topics with a broad appeal.

Princess Cruises give their guests – Destination/Port Related, Cultural, Current Events, World Affairs, Global Economics, Politics, Maritime History, Art History, American History, Science, Astronomy, Television & Radio Journalism. And on limited voyages, Hollywood & Movies, Creative Arts/Music & Writing, Self-Help, Culinary, Health & Wellness, Finance, Home Improvement.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises enrich travelers with topics covering – Cultural, Globalization, Current Events, World Affairs, Politics, History,Art, Astronomy, Nature/Wildlife, “Meatier” topics with a broad appeal.

Norwegian Cruise Lines entertain guests with – Digital Photography, Technology, Computers, Futurists, Gadgets & Gizmos topics.

When inquiring with cruise lines ask them about their enrichment programs and tell them what you specifically are looking for. If you can get through the telephone bureaucracy and patiently ask to be transferred through to the enrichment program director, your suggestions for new topics might also carry weight if you have enough passengers traveling to leverage getting your speaker or topic of choice on board.

Cruise lines and ships want to serve and satisfy their guests. Therefore if enough people request a program, topic, or speaker rest assured a good cruise line will bend over backwards to accommodate you and make you happy.

Source by Paul Davis

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