February 19, 2018

Cruise Ship Mystery Shopping

Welcome aboard the journey of mystery shopping, let your next experience be cruising throughout one of the seven seas! Say “bon voyage” to your boring summer plans and sign up to be a mystery shopper with one of the big hospitality consulting and secret shopping services. While the assignments may not be as easily obtained as a job to mystery shop in a mall retail outlet, the rewards are worth it if you can score a sign-up.

By mystery shopping for major cruise lines, you provide invaluable feedback that ensures that the ship’s guests enjoy the finest in services and amenities. Your undercover work may span over every aspect of leisure and lodging on the boat, from entertainment, dining, spa services, guest activities, shore excursions and more. This will require you to interact with staff, join in activities and critique the food – all while appearing to be a regular guest. While you may be in the middle of paradise, remember the reason you were hired – to be the eyes, ears and taste buds of the proverbial mother ship, the cruise line.

Upon your return from the trip, cruise line secret shoppers are generally required to provide thorough and in-depth reporting of the experience from the guest’s point of view. This can include reports, online surveys, telephone debriefings and more. If there are significant errors, incomplete information or untruthful statements, you may not receive the proposed reimbursement from the mystery shopping company you are working with.

Cruise mystery shops are a plum assignment, often all or most of your expenses that relate to the assignment are reimbursed. Most cruise mystery shoppers have “worked there way up” to the level where they are valued enough to send out on a travel-related secret shopping job – but sometimes, you can get lucky and pick up one quickly. The best way to get an assignment is to sign up with a paid survey company that has hospitality clients. Next, take every assignment they through your way and do an impeccable job and hopefully you’ll be working and relaxing on a free cruise soon.

Source by Todd Denning

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