February 20, 2018

A Guide to Eating on a Cruise Ship

Eating is one of the main pass times on board a cruise ship. If you want to loose weight and stay in shape then maybe a cruise is not the place to be! On a cruise you can eat 24-7, eating out is possible every hour of every day. And the food is great.

The restaurants are usually well stocked and have a menu similar to most 5 star restaurants, with the added advantage that they are within walking distance. On board cuisine prides itself on providing an excellent service and excellent food. The restaurants on board usually have set times for dinner but they are still fairly flexible and you can choose which sitting you want.

Eating at different times of the day can turn your body clock into turmoil. If you do not usually eat dinner at midnight then you should really stick to your usual times when eating on a cruise ship. This will help with jet lag and general health.

A great feature of many cruises is the buffets. The buffets are massive spreads of food. You can eat as much as you like and at any time of the day, the buffets are usually open twenty four hours a day. Everything from bread to potatoes to meats is available. Load you plate up and off you go!

The buffet is a great place for a full breakfast with bacon, sausages, cereal and rolls on offer. Again, you can eat as much as you want. Tea and coffee is usually available free of charge.

Room service is available on all the big cruise lines at any time of the day but some cruises close the kitchen at certain hours. Room service on a cruise line can be just what you need. You will probably get sick of eating out and just want some peace and quiet with your partner or children. The full restaurant menu is usually available on the room service menu.

The advantage of a cruise ship is that if you do not like the cuisine it will not be long until you can try food from another country! On shore eating is varied and will obviously change from port to port. Take advantage of all the port stops and always sample the local food.

You will unduly exceed indulge with everything on offer on board a cruise ship but, you you can always loose the weight after your vacation.

Source by Steven Kirby

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